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Valentine's Day Special Offers

While Valentine's Day can sometimes get a little overdone in the media with jewelry this and jewelry that and all the chocolate hearts in the world ... we still believe there is some merit to the day of love, just for far more reasons than the normal - buy more jewelry and chocolate.

We believe giving to and loving others is fantastic - but not enough is talked about how we love and treat ourselves. True, treating others as you wish to be treated is a great viewpoint to take. And giving to others is an awesome thing to do! Giving time to someone is the best gift of all!

However, if we don't treat ourselves well, fail to give ourselves some time, or don't show ourselves some love - we often find ourselves in poor health both physically and mentally.

So today, treat yourself to a little health and self love with our ONE DAY ONLY, Valentine's Day Specials! We've got 3 special offers for you:

OFFER #1: Save 10% on our Exclusive Gym Membership or Group Training Membership, or save a special 14% on our UNLIMITED membership including access to ALL classes AND an Exclusive Gym Membership.

OFFER #2: Save 14% on all apparel, allmax supplements, and accessories (bands, chalk, etc).


- Buy 12 personal training sessions and we'll give you 2 for free (14 total sessions)

- 1 month exclusive gym membership

- Detailed body composition analysis including 10 health markers (InBody 270)

- Nutrition guide based on body composition and goals

- $25 apparel credit towards any apparel we have in stock

SPECIAL COST = $999+hst

Give yourself the gift of health this Valentine's Day (or that special someone), but guys, whatever you do, please don't buy your girls personal training unless they ask for it!!!!

Drop by and see us at 2824 Barton Street East in Stoney Creek to take advantage of these special offers - ONE DAY ONLY!! If you can't make it in to see us, give us a call 289-246-9000, or shoot us an email and we can set you up over the phone.

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