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Our Fitness Professional Friends:

Co-Founder of Precision Nutrition

"For the last few years, I've not only referred some of my top nutrition coaching clients to Adam Lloyd, I've even worked with him myself. When deciding to revive my athletic career - as a master's level sprinter - I reached out to Adam to help with my mobility and explosive power. He was a huge asset, providing excellent coaching and skillful programming. For any athlete aspiring to greatness, I highly recommend Adam.”

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Hockey Players & Coaches:

Mitch Marner

Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL

"I felt the best I've ever felt going into a season (2013 Rookie Season) and have learned so much about training and nutrition from Adam. Working with Adam and his team was the best decision I could have made - He customized a training and nutrition program for what I needed and helped me put on 25lbs of muscle - Now, we communicate via online coaching and support to make sure I'm doing all the right stuff away from the rink. I'm faster than ever, with much more overall strength that helps bring my game to a whole new level."

Brendan Perlini

Chicago Blackhawks, NHL

I've worked with Adam for the past 3-4 years now and the first thing that sticks out to me is his commitment to the process of improving every single day. Working with him, I learnt something new every session and improved not only physically but mentally too. Adam has a unique ability that not many other coaches have to be able to read a person very well. I found a few times if I was tired or didn't feel like training as hard he always had something really positive to say that would bring me back to 100% focus on what we were doing. Adam also updates and adapts to new training styles to not only get you stronger an faster but benefit your overall health for future. He has a vast majority of different styles and methods of training which is why I recommend him to anyone looking to improve in their sport or just their overall health in general.

Christian Fischer

Arizona Coyotes, NHL

I've worked with Adam over the course of the past 3 years. With Adam it is more than a "trainer". Many people think you go to trainer to just beef up or get in shape. While that may be the goal for some, there is very much more to a trainer. Adam focuses on the specific needs for each client. Whether you need to work on quickness, agility, flexibility, build muscle , lean out, focus on nutrition, etc Adam will have a specific plan. It's not just working out as I said before. Adam will focus on preparation, nutrition, mental strength, and just about everything else a athlete needs to be successful in his sport. Adam is very hands on and has been a great communicator. I know when I'm with him, I am in great hands and am getting better for my specific needs.

Zac Rinaldo

Nashville Predators, NHL

Having dealt with some lingering injuries over the last couple of seasons, my number one goal this past off-season was to get healthy. I started training with Barry and the team at ALP after hearing about them from a my athletic therapist and couple other athletes that have worked with them.

I mainly worked with Barry and He was awesome! He was able to train around my injuries while still finding ways to increase my strength, speed and power. In my 8th season of pro hockey I can honestly say my body feels as good as it did in year one and Barry and the guys at ALP are a huge part of that. These guys know their sh*t.”

Kyle Capobianco

Arizona Coyotes, NHL (Tuscon Roadrunners, AHL)

Having worked with Adam and the rest of the ALP Team for the last couple years has been awesome. Adam finds the perfect balance between working hard but making it a fun atmosphere as well. He takes into account injuries and weaknesses and develops a workout plan specifically for you. He’s helped me feel both physically and mentally strong heading into training camp. I highly recommend Adam and his team at ALP to any athlete (especially hockey), and anyone, looking to feel and perform at their best.

Nicholas Caamano

Dallas Stars, NHL (Texas Stars, AHL)

Adam and his team of Strength Coaches at ALP-TI are no doubt one of the best anywhere! They have helped me grow in many areas of my game over the past 3 years! I put on 20lbs of muscle this past summer and my I didn't gain any wasted weight (body fat). I couldn't  imagine feeling better or more prepared for the upcoming season. The team at ALP makes the workouts fun and provides a great atmosphere where everyone competes and makes everyone push themselves to the next level. 

Taylor Beck

Kunlun Red Star, KHL

"Working with Adam and his team of strength coaches over the past 3 years opened my eyes to what I’ve been missing. From body composition, to strength and power, to agility and speed, I feel unreal. This is a new me and I like it, just wish I found it earlier in my career when I was younger. Looking forward to continuing to work with Adam and his team of coaches for years to come!”

Johnny Kovacevic

Manitoba Moose, AHL (Winnepeg Jets, NHL)

I've never trained at a place like ALP before. The way Adam and the staff take the time to make things personal is what sets them apart. I'm not just talking about how they get to know you as a person (although the fun/jokes definitely help) but also they way they know you as an athlete. Adam could spot small deficiencies/weaknesses of mine that I wasn't even aware of. Working on overall strength and speed in the summer is a staple in the summer program, but having a focus on correcting bad patterns/habits gave me a leg up on the competition. At the end of last summer, my body felt ready to go and the way I was moving was as fluid/powerful as it ever has been. I could honestly feel a difference both on and off the ice. Training at ALP was not all about beating your body up (even though some of the finishers will stiffen you up for a few days) but rather about working with your body to make things more fluid and powerful. I truly believe that they're on the cutting edge of training and I'm lucky enough to be a part of it.

Brandon Saigeon

Colorado Eagles, AHL (Colorado Avalanche, NHL)

ALP training institute has helped me recover from two broken forearm bones in my draft year and made me come back stronger than ever! The hardworking staff keeps our group motivated and always giving ways to help all athletes reach their full potential.

Reilly Webb

Saginaw Spirit, OHL (Drafted by Detroit Red Wings)

I have been working with Adam for I believe 4 years now and he has done many great things for my development whether it is on or off the ice. He helped me reach my potential each summer and has pushed me to my limits. He's been a big help through my recent injuries and I know with his help I'm stronger than ever. Since I started with him, I have put on 30+ pounds of muscle and I feel faster than ever!

Darien Kielb

Québec Remparts, QMJHL

Last off season I was looking for a centre to train, after talking and visiting multiple centres, I went to go check out ALP. Right away I felt welcomed and comfortable in the facility. Adam and his staff's top priority is to improve the players in their hockey program on and off the ice. Adam takes the training to the next level and really knows how to motivate and understand each individual player. Adam sets up a specific training program for you and gives you the correct methods and tools to improve and get stronger. After last seasons training i noticed   tremendous improvements in my strength and power on the ice. My agility and acceleration were brought to a new level from the specific hockey related off ice training. 

There was never a session where I didn't learn something new or feel uncomfortable which is why I highly recommend ALP to everyone looking to improve their game this off season.

Liam Dunda

Queens University, CIS

“Training with Adam and his team over the past 7 seasons has been a huge step in my overall development both as an athlete and as a human being. His program and approach helps improve every aspect of my game and life - from strength and speed to flexibility and balance ... to mindfulness, awareness and how to live a healthy life beyond hockey. The ALP coaches have taught me not only how to work out and exercise, but about nutrition, overall health, mental readiness and the importance of a well-designed off-ice program. 

Adrien Beraldo

Peterborough Petes, OHL

The ALP Training Institute is the place to be when wanting to improve your self as a athlete and to bring yourself to the next level.


ALP has  helped me improved my strength, speed, quickness both on and off the ice. Not only that, but they really focus on minor details like my hips being tight from skating, which is crucial for getting my range of motion better to help my stride on ice.  I experienced two concussions which has slowed down my processing time. To improve this Adam has incorporated exercises to improve processing. Also Working with Adam has been a game changer for me as he has put me through a course of different programs and workouts that are specific to what I need work on and strengths to improve. Adam is very educated and knows his stuff when it comes to off ice sport specific training.  Adam and his team of coaches have pushed me to exceed my limits off ice, which has translated to my game on ice. Barry, and Ryan make sure we are always working hard with the correct form. Both Barry and Ryan are very committed to helping us Athletes in every way possible. They make the gym an enjoyable place to be while always making sure we are working our hardest to get the most out of each and every workout.

Adam's facility has every piece of equipment to maximize your results and ensure that there are no excuses for not improving. Adam has tons of experience with many types of athletes along with the highly experienced coaches at ALP. The gym truly has a team atmosphere and is always a fun place to be once you put the work in. I can't wait to get back home at ALP for my summer program!

Jack Wismer

Flint Firebirds, OHL

During my time with Adam and his team at ALP, He has really helped me become an elite player in many senses. He has helped me with not only the physical part of training but with many other aspects such as mental training/focus, nutrition, and overall preparation. Both Adam and his team have really been an important factor in me reaching the level I'm at right now, playing in the OHL and pursuing the NHL draft! 

Jackson Doherty

Owen Sound Attack, OHL

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Trevor LeDonne

Brantford 99's, OJHL

"Adam is the best trainer around! He's been my off-ice coach for 5 years now and has taught me a lot about nutrition and how to take care of my body away from the rink so. Right away I got a lot stronger, but had some knee pain that hurt every time I skated. Adam has really helped with that and I'm much faster now both on and off-ice. Adam and his team at ALP have really helped me mature these past few years and continues to be a big part of my success."

Chris Ridgewell

Ex Vice President Stoney Creek Sabres Hockey and Head Coach Bantam AA Team

I've been around performance coaches for a long time and after working with Adam and his team for the past number of years, I can say with confidence the ALP Training Institute offers the best coaches, training methods / knowledge, and facility to train athletes. We've noticed a huge decrease in player injuries (both in the gym and on the ice), and a big improvement in performance. Even when we have an injury, we trust the staff at ALP to take care of our players and help them get back to optimal performance quickly and safely. Our parents love the fact that the coaches are so knowledgeable and teach our players about nutrition and recovery and can clarify what is really important. This is the 5th year I will have my team work with Adam and his coaches at ALP. There's no better place in the Hamilton area for athletes, especially for teams with the size and layout of his great new facility!

Adam Syring

Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs Minor Bantam AAA Head Coach

There are not enough good words to say about Adam and the team at ALP Training Institute. Having coached at a competitive AAA level in Hamilton for over 10 years, and sending my teams to train with ALP Training Institute offers professional coaches that push my players physically and mentally to ready them for the next level of hockey. To compete at a high caliber needs to incorporate an off ice training program in their repertoire. To excel today, at any level encompassing a strategy like Adam has constructed is a must in order to stay in front of the pack and injury free.

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