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Perfect for busy adults looking to look, feel, and perform better!
1st Class = 50% OFF
Looking to try us out before committing to a larger package??
We'll cover 50% of your first class to see if it's a good fit!
Adult Group Training Classes

Adult Group Training Classes

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We used to offer various enrollment packages including month to month, short term (3 or 6 months) and long term (12 month), and 2 or 3 classes per week. It was designed to "shape the path" and ensure people are successful in our programs (pretty hard to generate much success with a workout here and there). But we get it, people take trips and get sick and don't want to be "wasting" money. 

Now, we've tested out some different approaches and believe we've got the BEST of both worlds to both inspire commitment and offer flexibility for those who need it! 

2 types of enrollment:



Flexibility & Freedom!

Perfect option for the person who travels and / or wants more flexibility with their schedule. 

Can pay as you go (single class), or can purchase packages of 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 classes. Save more the more you buy and commit to your fitness! Use your passes to come to as many classes as you wish, whenever you want - True flexibility! Don't miss out on these AMAZING priced class passes! 


1 class = $25

10 classes = $225

25 classes = $500

prices exclude HST

6 month expiry



Value & All Inclusive Extras!

Our highest value offer - our "Unlimited"  which gives access to ALL of our classes each week and also includes a FULL exclusive gym membership to stick around a little later after class or come in early for extra warm up / cardio - or maybe because you just want the convenience to do your own thing in addition to the classes with your open gym access! Also, includes towel service, pH balanced water for your workout, and access to our FREE Online Workout Templates - so you can workout even when you're on that trip or at home and unable to make it in for your regular classes. Truly, the HIGHEST value for the BEST price anywhere! We know, we've compared em ALL!


1 Month = $225

3 Months = $200/mo

prices exclude HST

"StrongGirls" - Women's Only Group Training

StrongGirls started as a group training program simply intended to introduce women to the many benefits of resistance training. Now, StrongGirls has evolved into a community of women who motivate and support one another and we have seen real friendships develop over their mutual desire to become better versions of themselves.


The goal that Coach Barry brings to each class remains the same - teach women the many benefits of resistance and high-intensity training, but it’s so much more than that now. You’ll be looking forward to your next workout from the moment you leave the gym because you’ll be surrounded by people who THRIVE off helping one another.


There’s no judgement. There’s no criticism.


There’s hard work. There’s laughs. There’s high fives. There’s results!

The Workouts

The program is written in 4-week blocks consisting of 3 workouts per week. This usually includes one Metabolic Resistance Training workout, one High-Intensity Interval Workout and one Progressive Strength Training Workout.


Metabolic Resistance Training

These workouts are designed to have you feeling the burn in your muscles AND your lungs. This session might involves things like max reps in 30 seconds, max rounds in 20 minutes or a host of other methods we’ll use to elicit a massive increase in the amount of calories your body is burning for HOURS after you’re finished.

High-Intensity Interval Training

A 10-12 movement circuit that will begin in week one with a work/rest ratio of 20s/40s and progress over four weeks to a more challenging 30s/20s or something similar. These workouts are a favourite among the group!


Progressive Strength Training

The goal here is simple, we’re trying to add a little bit of weight to the exercise or add extra reps to the sets. We’ll find the right variation of each exercise for you and work to get you stronger and more confident with each workout.


Measurable Progress

On top of being able to monitor your week-to-week progress within the actual workouts, we also do body composition measurements every 3-5 weeks. This includes body fat (via 7-site skin caliper measurements), circumference measurements (waist, hips, arms, legs etc.) and body weight.


Adult High Performance "Team Training" - co-ed class  

Our Adult High Performance Team Training class is our unique take on “boot camp” style training here at ALP-TI.

Challenging, effective, maybe even a little competitive at times (all in good fun no one’s been harmed or injured) - these workouts are modeled after the team training sessions we’ve taken athletes through for years! “Support and teamwork” are a few words you’ll often hear in these classes!

The big difference, rather than preparing you to kick ass in sport, we’ve built this program to help you kick ass in life!

For most people that means a few things:

  • Losing stubborn and/or unwanted body fat

  • Improving your overall strength and mobility

  • Building muscle not to bulk up, but to look great and function better in life

  • Improving confidence, cognitive functioning (some of our drills will work your brain without you even knowing it), and sense of well-being

  • Learning a little about good nutrition habits (meal prep, etc), recovery, sleep, stress reduction, etc.

  • Moving and feeling better than you ever imagined!

  • Getting rid of your aches and pains and reducing anti-inflammatory medications (among other medications either currently taken or going to be prescribed soon if no change in lifestyle)

If you were an athlete or always wanted to live a little more of that lifestyle (aside from the rich and famous part sorry we can't help you out there), this class offers you the ability to train a little more like an athlete and challenge yourself to exceed your limits and optimize your performance!


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