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Take a sneak peak into what our elite off-season high performance hockey program looks like

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Every elite athlete is looking to improve performance and decrease their risk for injury and with so many options to choose from, we wanted to share a little detail about our off-season development program for hockey players trusted by thousands of elite players for the past decade 

Our goal is to achieve both goals above, to improve performance and decrease likelihood of injury. We do this by getting to know the athlete's in a great depth across a very wide rage of categories from attitude to mindset, physical performance and limitations, lifestyle factors, nutrition habits, biochemistry (blood panels), and more. This allows us to design individualized performance training and nutrition plans based on the athlete's goals and demands. Athlete's are then coached in small groups of other  still providing a team oriented training atmosphere to ensure maximal growth and performance improvement.

Our Off-Season Programs begin with a Spring program that kicks off early in April for 8 weeks which is focused on player recovery, identifying/correcting imbalances/weakness, stability and core strength, mobility and overall general strength. This is essentially laying the foundation for the big work to be done through the summer. 

Our Summer program begins in May for some (Pro-Elite), June for others (Junior), and July for (Junior to Youth) depending on their seasons and health status. 


All players begin with a comprehensive evaluation to assess player's current level of functioning and performance. From here, we analyze the player's needs and develop an individualized program for each player who will then be coached in small groups by our Owner and Director of Sports Performance Adam Lloyd, and his hand selected professional strength coaches during the summer months.


2020 Spring Off-Season Program (8 Weeks):
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2020 Summer Off-Season Program (12 Weeks):
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Who: ages *14+
When: June 1st (normal start) / **June 29 (late start) - Aug 22nd (8/12 weeks)
Times: Mon-Fri 4-530pm / *Tue/Thu 6:30-8pm
** morning group times may open up after school is out
allowing more players to register 
Packages Available: 
Elite = 5 sessions / week
Advanced = 4 sessions / week
General = 3 sessions / week
* 13-14 year old players may be placed in youth or Jr. program based on evaluation / experience / development level
Coached by Adam & by application only - click here to apply
Who: Ages: 18+
When: As player returns - heads back to team
As early as April 6 until as late as training camp
Packages Available:
Elite = up to 6 sessions / week
morning group training times: 8-9:30am  &  8:30-10am
* limited spaces available
Who: Ages: 11-13*
When: June 29th - Aug 21st (8 weeks)
Times: TBA
Packages Available: pay as you go, pre-paid sessions

Message from the Owner and Director of High Performance - Adam Lloyd  
"I couldn’t be happier to finally have my own home to run my summer hockey development programs for years to come. After running programs at locations with limited space and ability for over a decade, I finally decided to open my own space back in 2016, the ALP Training Institute, and haven't regretted it since. We've finally been able to offer the integrated performance programs I've always wanted to. And each year, we continue to add more components and value for our athletes!

At ALP, we believe in offering the most comprehensive hockey development program in the area and will strive to affiliate with other open minded and forward thinking professionals (from physical therapists, to psychologists, to on-ice instructors and more) to compliment our development program at ALP. Our goal with our sport specific programs is to help every athlete maximize their off-season development to ensure they’re doing everything possible to play at their very best for years to come.  

After doing this for over a decade, it's becoming more important year after year for players and parents to become educated in what works, and what looks cool but doesn't work. Every summer there seems to be a few new “functional training” and “sport specific” programs popping up out there offering elite development programs. I'm sure these are very well intended, but are generally cookie cutter approaches based on what some guys did when they played and often actually increase risk for injury both short and long term for athletes. They sound really cool, and are often priced really cheap, but just don't cut it ... not in the realm of proven, integrated, individualized, high performance athletic training and development. 
I would like to personally invite you to come to my ALP Training Institute for a meet and greet and discuss more about the program and what we have to offer. Feel free to check out ​my website​, bio, and testimonials for a little more info on about me, how I got here, who I've worked with, and why I do what I do.  



Q. What is the full SPRING Program duration?

A. Full Program Duration = April 6th – May 29th, 2020 (8 weeks) - players can enroll as they return from teams, injuries heal, tryouts are over, etc - as long as there's space available. Our programs fill up every year and we cannot guarantee a spot unless registered.

Q.  What is the full SUMMER Program duration?

A.  ​Players can register at anytime as long as there is space available. Full program duration(s) are as follows:

- Pro-Elite = May 11th - Aug 28th 2020 (16 weeks) (or as soon as they return until they head back to their team)

- Junior (Normal start) = June 1st - Aug 22nd, 2020 (12 weeks)     

- Junior (Late start) = June 29th - Aug 22nd, 2020 (8 weeks) - morning time opens up at this time    

- Youth = June 29 - Aug 22nd, 2020 (8 weeks)

Q.  What does the SPRING & SUMMER Programs cost?

A.​  ​Please click on the following registration forms for more info:

- Junior Group (ages 14-17) SPRING Registration  (early bird pricing available until March 6th 2020, take advantage and save BIG by registering early)  and  SUMMER Registration forms for full cost details

* For Pro-Elite players (ages 18+ and are currently playing in at least the OHL - click here for to apply

* For youth ages 11-13 - please click here for program registration

Q.  When are the workout times for the various groups?

A.​  ​Please click here to see available group times and days. We reserve the right to modify these times based on group size and convenience for the majority.  
Q.  I want my 13 year old to train with the older group, is this possible?

A.​  ​If a younger player wants into the older group times, they would need to pass an evaluation to see if it’s allowed. It is possible for advanced athletes looking to be in the older groups but to keep it fair for the older players they must meet specific criteria (ie, some workout experience, etc) 
Q.  Can we switch group times from week to week?

A.​  ​We limit the number of athletes per group to ensure high quality coaching and optimal workout flow so we ask people to stick to group times as best as possible to ensure coach to athlete ratios are maintained. Of course we understand life happens and if an athlete needs to modify workout times, the athlete must first confirm availability with the program director. Please do not just show up whenever you want. We do have an online calendar that should make this an easy accommodation – if a group says it’s full – it’s full. If there’s room to register / sign up for a group time, you’re good to go. 
Q. Do you have On-ice programs available?

A.​  While our programs are designed to optimize transfer from results in the gym to apply to improved performance on ice, we are off-ice specialists first and foremost. For that reason we generally refer our players to the best and most trusted on-ice specialists in the area to ensure our off-ice programming is working in synergy with what the on-ice instructors are working on. In the past, and far too often still, the off and on-ice work are just competing for player's energy stores and the player just gets burned out and doesn't get any better.

We've officially affiliated with Rick Ferroni and his Ferroni Hockey Academy for our younger aged players where we run an integrated 5 week performance camp in the summer months. Look for more integrated performance camps to pop up throughout the year!

Although we have referred out in the past, we're working on bringing back our integrated on and off-ice program. More info coming soon about our on-ice development skates.

Q.  What can we expect / what’s included in the off-ice program?

1. Comprehensive initial and on-going health and performance evaluations  

2. Customized off-ice training program & player specific on-ice work

3. Nutrition seminars by ​Adam Lloyd​ ​(Precision Nutrition Certified Master Coach)

4. Customized ​nutrition program​ and lessons based on player's goals

5. Correct muscle imbalances and maintain performance  
6. Improve core functioning and strength  

7. Increase stride length, shot power, balance, speed, and agility

8. Unique recovery strategies to rejuvenate player's energy

9. Significant focus on education – nutrition, recovery, warm-ups, mental focus, etc

10. 3-5 strength and power / speed and agility training  sessions per week (various packages available)
Q.  Who/What does the program compare to?  

A.  Rather than just hear it from us, please click here to hear what our players are saying about us.


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