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Off-Season Elite Hockey
Training and Development

Take a sneak peak into what our elite off-season high performance hockey program looks like

Coach Nick working some sled pulls


Every elite athlete is looking to improve performance and decrease their risk for injury and with so many options to choose from, we wanted to share a little detail about our off-season development program for hockey players trusted by thousands of elite players for the past decade 

Our goal is to achieve both goals above, to improve performance and decrease likelihood of injury. We do this by getting to know the athlete's in a great depth across a very wide rage of categories from attitude to mindset, physical performance and limitations, lifestyle factors, nutrition habits, biochemistry (blood panels), and more. This allows us to design individualized performance training and nutrition plans based on the athlete's goals and demands. Athlete's are then coached in small groups of other  still providing a team oriented training atmosphere to ensure maximal growth and performance improvement.

Our Off-Season Programs begin with a Spring program that kicks off early in April for 8 weeks which is focused on player recovery, identifying/correcting imbalances/weakness, stability and core strength, mobility and overall general strength. This is essentially laying the foundation for the big work to be done through the summer. 

Our Summer program begins in May for some (Pro-Elite), June for others (Junior), and July for (Junior to Youth) depending on their seasons and health status. 


All players begin with a comprehensive evaluation to assess player's current level of functioning and performance. From here, we analyze the player's needs and develop an individualized program for each player who will then be coached in small groups by our Owner and Director of Sports Performance Adam Lloyd, and his hand selected professional strength coaches during the summer months.

Summer Athletic Development Program Information:

2024 Spring Program (6 Weeks):
April 22 - May 31 2023

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2024 Summer Off-Season Jr Program (12 Weeks):
June 3 - August 23rd
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2024 Summer Off-Season Youth Program and Short Junior Program (8 Weeks):
July 8 - August 30th
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2024 Pro-Elite Summer Program:
Coached by Adam Lloyd & by application/invite only - click here to apply
As player returns home, until going back to team camp
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Message from the Owner and Director of High Performance - Adam Lloyd  
"I couldn’t be happier to finally have my own home to run my summer hockey development programs for years to come. After running programs at locations with limited space and ability for over a decade, I finally decided to open my own space back in 2016, the ALP Training Institute, and haven't regretted it since. We've finally been able to offer the integrated performance programs I've always wanted to. And each year, we continue to add more components and value for our athletes!

At ALP, we believe in offering the most comprehensive hockey development program in the area and will strive to affiliate with other open minded and forward thinking professionals (from physical therapists, to psychologists, to on-ice instructors and more) to compliment our development program at ALP. Our goal with our sport specific programs is to help every athlete maximize their off-season development to ensure they’re doing everything possible to play at their very best for years to come.  

After doing this for over a decade, it's becoming more important year after year for players and parents to become educated in what works, and what looks cool but doesn't work. Every summer there seems to be a few new “functional training” and “sport specific” programs popping up out there offering elite development programs. I'm sure these are very well intended, but are generally cookie cutter approaches based on what some guys did when they played and often actually increase risk for injury both short and long term for athletes. They sound really cool, and are often priced really cheap, but just don't cut it ... not in the realm of proven, integrated, individualized, high performance athletic training and development. 
I would like to personally invite you to come to my ALP Training Institute for a meet and greet and discuss more about the program and what we have to offer. Feel free to check out ​my website​, bio, and testimonials for a little more info on about me, how I got here, who I've worked with, and why I do what I do.  

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