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Our Proprietary ALP Method ensures every client finds their best self
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The ALP Training Institute (ALP-TI) is a community based and high performance focused gym designed for youth to elite athletes and forward thinking adults looking to optimize their health and performance.  


ALP-TI was built because there’s something missing in the health and fitness world today. Athletes are more injured than ever before and reports of increased mental struggles have been showing up in larger numbers as of late. 


And as a Country, we’re more overweight and less healthy than ever before yet there are still countless gyms, crossfits, bootcamps, and personal trainers popping up everywhere.

We believe there’s a way to change that. Currently - there’s a large disconnect in the fitness industry between the typical Commercial gym and their clients (charge so little they don’t feel bad about not going - how does that actually help anyone?). Sure there might be some good intent, but they actually set people up for failure. 

What does "ALP" Stand for anyway? 

ALP used to stand for "Adam Lloyd Performance" - our owner’s (Adam Lloyd) initial passion to help young athletes avoid the mistakes he made when he was younger. Then, as Adam got older, that naturally moved into working with professional athletes and more executive type clientele (as trust and reputation grew). Now, fast forward 15 years and the creation of ALP-TI ... ALP has grown into so much more than a single person!

ALP has evolved to stand for  "Active Lifestyle and Performance" - where we are a group of health and fitness professionals with a vision to help people live a more active lifestyle with a focus on optimizing performance - whatever “performance” means to them. 

We work with everyone from youth to professional athletes, executives and CEOs, 9-5 and shift workers, entrepreneurs and housewives, and everything in between. The one thing they all share in common - they all have the same goal of learning how to eat, think and workout smarter so they can look, feel and perform better - allowing them to live a more fulfilling and successful life!

Our mission and passion is to help people figure this out faster than ever on their own and avoid the mistakes we've learned over the decades of working through this stuff ourselves, and with thousands of clients! We aim to help do this in a way where our clients and members can sustain the results and progress for the rest of their life!


We offer a range of services from general gym memberships like traditional gyms, to award winning personal training, group training, athletic programs, sports team training, nutrition coaching, online coaching services, specialty challenges, and more! Please click here for more about the services we offer

ALP-TI was created for the active minded clientele seeking a place with enough of what they need so they can do what they want. Our new style gym is the active person's dream home to health and performance offering lots of open space, high end equipment, adult only gym memberships and fitness classes, youth and elite athletic development programs ... and access to some of the best trainers/coaches in the fitness and high performance industry for all our training and consulting services.

Feel free to contact our team at or 289-246-9000 with any questions you may have

Some of what our facility has to offer:

- 50 ft long x 7ft wide of high density artificial turf geared for performance

- almost 3000sq ft of high performance gym floor space

- Men's and Women's changerooms
- 1000s of pounds of bumper plates

- 1000s of pounds of iron plates

- Olympic Weightlifting plates

- 2 Weightlifting Platforms

- Dumbbells up to 120lbs

- 6 Squat Racks + Squat stands

 - Multiple benches including FID

- Airbikes, spin bikes & concept 2 rowing machines

- 2 sets of cables including pulldowns and seated row
- 10+ Barbells - including Weightlifting and Powerlifting specific bars

- Specialty bars including trap bars, safety squat bars, e-z curl bars and more 

- Tons of toys including ropes, vests, bands, rings, sleds, kettlebells, and so much more




Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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