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Why ALP is Different - Our Proprietary ALP Method - Discover Your Best Self on Your Path to Personal Transformation

Ever wondered what truly sets ALP apart from other health & performance gyms?

People often ask us why we’re different and although our testimonial page is a great source of ideas - our passion for helping you unlock your full potential through our proprietary ALP Method is a pretty good starting point!!

Take a good look at the model and it’ll explain it in a little more depth.

See, most gyms / trainers focus on only 33% of the big picture.

Some gyms give you a great workout, top notch coaching, good form, good intensity and you leave the gym feeling great. And that's good! Other gyms and trainers only deliver a subpar workout at best - with minimal coaching cues, allowing you to increase your risk for injury.

After 20 years in the industry, I can honestly (and sadly) say there’s FAR too many that fall into this category - probably more now than when I started 2 decades ago thanks to the social media age.

Here's the biggest problem - the vast majority of gyms and trainers, don’t even consider the other 66% of the equation.

Sure, some talk about nutrition. But again, honestly speaking (especially learning from clients that come to me after working with someone that thought they knew what they were doing), most of that advice is even worse / more harmful than the subpar workouts! 

And pretty much NO gyms or trainers talk about mental performance / cognitive strength and focus (metacognition) which is the biggest game changer for athletes (and adults!)

Unlike traditional approaches that focus solely on physical fitness, our method dives far deeper, addressing your physical, mental, and nutritional well-being.

See, there's 168 hours in a week, 3-4 hours per week in the gym is a lot of exercise - but what about the other 164-165 hours in the week - I can tell you with extreme confidence, those hours are more important than the 3-4 in the gym!

Let's explore how our tested and proven proprietary ALP Method can empower you to achieve your goals.

The Heart of the ALP Method: Your Three Pillars to Success

PILLAR #1 - Physical Habits (Physiological Abilities): This pillar revolves around how you treat and use your body. We break it down into three key areas:

  • Exercise/workout habits

  • Central nervous system health and function

  • Physical recovery strategies

PILLAR #2 - Mental Habits (Mental Performance): This is essentially how we think, act and feel. Mental functioning is essential for overall well-being. Our approach focuses on:

  • Awareness: Cultivating purposeful presence and focus

  • Discipline and moral compass: Making informed choices aligned with your core values and true identity

  • Confidence and self-talk: Fostering positive internal dialogue and belief in oneself through what you say to yourself, about yourself and the world you live in

PILLAR #3 - Nutrition Habits (Biochemical Health): What you consume and digest impacts every aspect of your life (hint - this goes beyond just food). We emphasize:

  • Whole Foods & Digestion: Prioritizing nutritious, responsibly sourced ingredients

  • Portion Sizes: Practicing mindful eating and stopping at 80% fullness

  • Macros/Micros: Balancing your nutrient intake for optimal health

Notice The Power of Alignment: Where Magic Happens

At the intersection of these three pillars lies the secret to your success:

  1. Physical and Mental Alignment: Experience peak performance - when your body and mind work in harmony, you will perform better

  2. Mental and Nutritional Alignment: Feel balanced, energized, and emotionally resilient with a nourishing diet and a positive mindset enabling you to feel better

  3. Nutritional and Physical Alignment: Watch as your body transforms when fueled by nutritious food and quality energy leading you to look better

Why Choose Us? Your Partner in Transformation

With over two decades of experience and a dedicated team of experts, including psychologists, sports medicine doctors, PhD's in nutrition, and world renowned fitness specialists - we've honed the ALP Method to produce efficient and effective results for all our clients.

Our mission is simple: to challenge the status quo of the health, fitness and performance industry to provide you with the guidance and support you need to thrive no matter the obstacle life throws your way!

Ready to Start Your Journey? Let's Connect!

Whether you’re an athlete looking to play at your best, or an adult looking to conquer this ever challenging game of life (the ultimate competition) - this is the equation to you feeling, looking and performing as your best self - exceeding your current limits and reaching your true potential!

Reach out to us today for a complimentary consultation. Together, we'll discuss and determine your personalized roadmap to help you unlock your true potential!


Phone - 289-246-9000

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