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Off-Season Hockey Development Programs - Spring and Summer Groups

After a long hard season, every elite athlete should be looking to improve their performance and decrease risk for injury so they can be the best player next season.

With all the training programs and options to choose from, we wanted to share a little detail about our philosophy and world renowned development programs that have helped hundreds of elite hockey players perform at their best.

Our Owner and Director of Sport Performance, Adam Lloyd has worked with thousands of

athletes all over the world and has been training elite hockey players for over a decade. He was the Development Strength and Performance Coach for the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL from 2015 - 2018 where their development system was ranked tops in the NHL at the time).

Click here for our Spring Program (starts April 24) enrollment information.

SAVE up to $100 on registration before April 20th. Space is very limited!

Adam has worked with some of the best players in the world including: Mitch Marner and Max Domi to name a few, and was mentored by Andy O'Brien, a premier high performance coach in the world today who has worked with Sidney Crosby since before Sid was a teenager!

Here’s what Mitch Marner had to say about his summer working with Adam going into his first year in the OHL - when everyone said he was too small to play.

"I feel the best I've ever felt going into a season (2013 Rookie Season) and have learned more about training and nutrition this summer than ever before. Working with Adam was the best decision I could have made - He customized a training and nutrition program for what I needed and helped me put on almost 25lbs in 5 months without slowing me down. I'm faster than ever, with much more overall strength that helps bring my confidence and game to a whole new level."

Mitch Marner

Toronto Maple Leafs

A lot of the “functional training” and “sport specific” trainers and programs out there are simply cookie cutter approaches that were thrown together to get you to jump on the bandwagon. They sound really cool, are generally priced low, but just don't cut it and don't deliver on their promises to optimize an athlete's health or performance.

They focus on lifting a lot of weight and maybe some “functional movements”, but we see these athletes with nagging injuries all the time and don’t see the transfer to their sport.

We can tell you with incredible confidence, an effective off-season training program must integrate multiple areas of health and performance including weight training, recovery, nutrition, supplementation, and mental training, just to name a few.

It should be carefully crafted to ensure the athlete is performing purposeful movements and exercises that will improve their performance on the ice for years to come, not just in the gym for one summer.

A lot of programs out there unfortunately narrowly focus on how strong the athlete can get in 2-3 months - in a gym (controlled setting) - forgetting about transfer to their sport (uncontrolled setting). Rarely do they discuss or work on mental toughness, or what it means to be a good human - in and out of their sport persona (this is one of the biggest compliments we get from parents seeing the differences in mindset of their youth). And I pretty much never hear about longevity of a career and building strategies for the grueling effects of long seasons year after year.

Our goal at ALP-TI is to improve our athlete’s sport performance and overall health for years

to come, while decreasing likelihood of injury by providing individualized training and nutrition plans based on the athlete's goals and demands. We do this by our proprietary method that Adam Lloyd has designed over the past 2 decades.

Click here for our Spring Program (starts April 24) enrollment information.

SAVE up to $100 on registration before April 20th. Space is very limited!

The ALP Method (see below), integrates multiple areas of health and performance ensuring athletes are doing everything they can to exceed their limits and reach their true potential.

When these components are firing on all cylinders, the person looks, feels and performs at their very best, optimizing performance in both life and sport.

Here’s what Max Domi had to say about working with Adam back during his OHL and time in Arizona

“Hard work, motivation, inspiration, are a few words that come to mind when thinking of Adam. He's the best all around performance coach out there. He was very attentive to my diabetic condition and ensured it was never an issue with my training. Whether it's nutrition, training, mental focus, recovery, etc - Adam has the answer.

Max Domi

Arizona Coyotes


Our Spring Program begins April 24th, running for 6 weeks - which leads into our Summer Programs. For Summer, there’s a 12 week Summer (June - Aug) and 8 Week Summer (July - Aug) enrollments. And of course athletes can enroll for both Spring and Summer programs.

Here's some of the things you can expect during the Programs:

  1. Small Player to Coach ratio (max 4 players for 1 coach)

  2. Player evaluation and functional assessments to ensure proper program design

  3. Correct muscle imbalances and rehabilitate any lingering injuries

  4. Adaptation of nervous system to improve athletic movement and recovery

  5. Integrated and individualized training program for each athlete based on goals/needs

  6. Individual Nutrition guidelines and Supplement guide based on specific needs

  7. Gain an understanding of proper activation techniques to improve performance

  8. Improve speed and agility through track workouts and explosive movements

  9. Enhance strength and power through safe hybrid-olympic lifting methods, plyometrics, and purposeful strength training (all age/training level appropriate)

  10. Increase flexibility and balance improving athletic movement


Please click here for our Spring Program (starts April 24) enrollment information. SAVE up to $100 on registration before April 20th. Space is very limited!

Please click here for our Summer Program (starts June 5) enrollment information. SAVE up to $150 on registration before May 19th.

For more details please email us at or call us 289-246-9000

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