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You Asked For It - We Listened - Month to Month Gym Memberships NOW AVAILABLE, with a BIG Surprise!

After polling our members to find out why it is that they choose to pay a premium membership price to train at ALP, I found out it's because they are 100% certain there is just no better place to train in the city than with us!! There's no other place that has the combination of number of squat racks, barbells, turf, space, atmosphere, hours, customer service, etc like at ALP!

Of course, that means for their style, desires, and goals. Sure, we're not for everyone, but it seems a big concern of folks is they don't want to feel "locked in" and are hesitant to commit to a full year gym membership.

Well Hamilton, I listened - but I didn't just stop there.

So yes, we now offer Month to Month, no contract memberships (although it was a very tough task for our team to figure out how to do this without any hiccups - we've figured it out and are ready to make it EASIER THAN EVER to join ALP

NOTE - to current members: NOTHING changes for you, we'll maintain your existing rates and memberships. We will be removing our 3 month membership and our 6 month membership, but do still offer our 12 month gym membership which saves $120 over the year compared to Month to Month - so if ya know you wanna train with us and want the best price, sign up for the full year membership!

As of TODAY, it's easier than ever before to sign up and see why we're one of Hamilton's best rated gyms and why we're named a top 50 Gym in the GTA (even through we're from Hamilton).

BUT, I couldn't stop there.

I wanted to make it EASIER to join, AND HARDER to leave. So while yes, all you need to do is give us 30 days notice to cancel - no questions asked we'll take care of the rest. But, if you cancel you'll lose all the new benefits of being an #ALPfamily gym member.

From discounted supplements, to discounted manual therapy treatments, free selected workshops hosted by our coaches (our next 2 are May 11th with myself on High Performance Lifestyle Habits, and May 25th with Barry Vincent on "The Big 3"), discounts and preferred services with our local affiliates, AND FREE PROGRAMS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD, DESIGNED BY YOURS TRULY, INCLUDING VIDEO DEMOS FOR EVERY EXERCISE!

All of this is FREE and included with your gym membership, giving you access to Hamilton's number 1 rated gym by multiple platforms!! Being an ALP member has never been more valuable!!

NOTE: We will no longer be offering free drop ins to the public on holidays or selected events - that will be reserved for members (Members can bring a friend for 50% off drop in fee on any holiday). Also - we will be offering a 50% discount on drop ins on Sundays - truth, Sunday's are super quiet around ALP so if you're looking to give us a try that's an awesome time to do so!

Contact us today for full details!

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