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Hey Mom!! Kid(s) Going Back to School? Want to Get Your Health & Fitness Back?

StrongGirls - Women's Only Group Training

We've heard it from so many clients this summer, "I can't wait for my kids to go back to school!" It's ok, you're allowed to say it!

Sure, we know our members love their kids, but it's A LOT of work having all that energy running around for hours of the day when you're used to the fall, winter, and spring months of having more time for yourself.

We get it, and we got you covered!

With the kiddos heading back to school, it's a perfect time to refocus on yourself and regain control over your health and fitness. From things like meal planning and meal prep, to working out more regularly, improved self-care routines helping you feel at your best, and more!

Check out this short video testimonial from our #ALPfamily client, Vivian Kaye and listen to her experience with us over these past 2 years!

We're looking for Women, with kids going back to school this fall, who are looking to either shed some of that unwanted body fat and/or to increase their overall health and fitness both in and out of the gym!

We're talking more than just losing 5lbs here and coming to sweat it out at class...

We're talking about:

- True behaviour change

- Implementing new systems to help sustain these changes in behaviour.

- Accountability, support, and motivation from coaches and other group members to ensure behaviours are aligned with goals to achieve the desired outcomes.

- Understanding the gym and workouts are not guilty punishments to make up for eating the bad foods, but instead is a place to cultivate and develop a healthy body and mind (which includes being a healthy system of managing calories in versus calories out)

- Science based and results proven training methodology and programming from world class high performance and lifestyle professionals.

If any of this sounds like a good fit for you, please click on the links below to see how we can help you regain your health and fitness this Fall!!

1) Exclusive Gym Membership - perfect if you know what you're doing just need a quality facility with an inspiring positive culture - maybe benefit from the FREE online program templates that include video demos

2) Personal Training - the most accountability and value, most guaranteed solution to ensure you're doing things right - staying safe - and achieving your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible

3) Group Training Classes - combination of support, accountability, motivation all on a reduced budget

4) Online Coaching Services - most convenient, highly valuable, various packages including nutrition coaching only, training program design only, (or combine both and save), and even a High Performance Lifestyle Program for Executives, CEOs and high performing Entrepreneurs looking to optimize their ability to perform at the highest level in their lives and careers

- These services tackle both knowledge and implementation of customized habits including systems to make sustainable improvements and change

- do not need to be a member of ALP-TI to enroll

- does not include access to ALP-TI

Contact us today about getting started with the program that sounds like the best fit for you!

And OF COURSE, if you don't have kids, or they aren't going back to the fall, (OR YOU'RE A MAN), we still love you and welcome you to join our #ALPfamily too!!

If any of the above services interest you, please feel free to contact us and let us know any questions you may have!

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