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Spring is in the Air - how's your summer bod coming?

Congrats to ALL our Adult Group Training members for crushing it in March. In a month where most people start to fall off the wagon, everyone worked together and kept pushing! It’s awesome to hear compliments from our general gym members about how hard the group training members are working!!

BIG props to everyone who just wrapped up our 2019 ALP Transformation Challenge - winners were announced on social media today, click here to check out our winners and their amazing results!

We wrapped up the month with a “Bootcamp Bash” hosted/coached by yours truly, with non other than Coach Nick coming out of ‘retirement’ to DJ the party!!! Check out a few pics above and see our social media page to see some more videos and experience from our members!

Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback … look for more of these “event” type classes in the future, the feedback was too good to not do it again!! Keep an eye out for upcoming events and how you can join!

With spring finally in the air and a new month upon us bringing more sun and warmer weather, we know many of you are thinking about that “summer body” - take a look at what our April class schedule has in store - contact us today for more info about our classes and how to register now!!

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