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Owner, CEO, Director of High Performance

Owner, CEO, Director of High Performance

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Owner & CEO; Director of High Performance

Peak Performance Expert, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Adam believes in taking an integrated approach to athletic performance based on functional movement/ flexibility and performance assessments, exercise related nutritional evaluations, specific corrective/dynamic exercises and strength training, unique recovery strategies, along with a host of other modalities.

Adam's core fundamentals to training are quite simple; train with a purpose and do it right. An elite hockey player should train to perform better at hockey, not to look good at the beach (although a chizzled physique is an added benefit of doing things right).


Adam designs ingeniously crafted individualized training and nutrition programs for each client's needs and purpose. He's careful to develop any client to have solid form and fundamentals before attempting to lift heavier loads. Far too often people of all agents and abilities are asked to perform a movement with either too much weight or poor form, or sadly, both. Adam always says if a person does not have the proper functional control over the movement, whether it's an elite athlete or a 9-5 office worker - compensations occur leading to diminished performance and injury.

General Manager

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Business Diploma, PN-1, Reiki Master & Alignment Guide

Financial Executive

If not behind the front desk welcoming members and being a right hand to Adam in operations, you will find Veronika on the gym floor living the active lifestyle. Her recent passion for bodybuilding quickly turned into a very successful streak of national and international pro-qualifiers. Veronika achieved her goals of top 3 placings in her class in her first 2 years of completing by living out our Active Lifestyle and Performance model  that we believe in and teach through our services at ALP.  

In the down time, you can find Veronika exploring outside while spending time with her family and fur babies and bossing Adam around 

Coaches and Trainers

Danny McQuiggn - Performance and Lifestyle Coach
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Alena Reenders
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Performance and Lifestyle Coach / Personal Trainer

Danny brings almost 2 decades of experience as a fitness professional, spending 15 of those years at Goodlife - leading and learning at one of the biggest fitness companies in Canada!!⁣

Danny's dedication to health and performance was clear when we met Danny and his wife Kim when they joined ALP-TI as members in 2019. It was awesome watching them crush workouts together as Danny and Kim compete in powerlifting competitions. ⁣

From powerlifting, to fitness competitions, ironmans, and hockey - this guy has a TON of athletic and performance development experience!!⁣

If you or someone you know is looking for an experienced trainer to help improve your/their overall health, body composition, or athletic performance, Danny is ready to help!⁣


Registered Kinesiologist 

Performance and Lifestyle Coach / Personal Trainer

Facility Co-Ordinator

Alena started at ALP as a personal trainer in early 2022, specializing in pelvic floor health, functional performance, and volleyball athletic development. Recently, Alena has grown her skillset by becoming a fully Registered Kinesiologist. This has helped vault Alena's already great ability to a whole new level to provide top level care to anyone who wants to reclaim their strength, function, and confidence allowing them to resume their desired level of activity - maybe even with an upgrade or 2!

With experience in the rehabilitation field for over three years, Alena works with individuals to help mitigate chronic pain and return to their previous level of fitness after injuries. She does this through incorporating effective movement patterns, optimizing muscle activation, and correcting imbalances. This approach allows people to become better connected to their bodies while evolving into the strongest version of themselves!  

Alena’s experience of playing volleyball throughout her university years has led her to become a dedicated coach across various age groups and skill levels immediately after graduation in 2021. Having gained invaluable life lessons from her own journey as an athlete, from the nuances of sport-specific skills to the resilience fostered through overcoming challenges, she has really grown the desire to pass along these insights to young athletes to set them up for success both on the court and in life.

Driven by a commitment to holistic well-being, Alena is not just focused on elevating fitness levels but is dedicated to nurturing a mindset that empowers individuals to embrace healthier lifestyles. Whether on the court, in the gym, or within the realms of rehabilitation, Alena's dedication to facilitating transformative journeys highlights her passion for enhancing lives through the power of movement and mindful living.


Performance and Lifestyle Coach / Personal Trainer

Frank has been an athlete his whole life and is excited to grow his passion for sport to a whole new level as a Performance and Lifestyle coach with our team at ALP-TI!

Frank played all sports while growing up, but his main loves were hockey, soccer, rugby, track and field and football. His natural size and strength allowed him to excel at a young age, but it wasn't until he began to understand the importance of strength training and quality nutrition habits where he really took off as a high performance athlete! He began to excel in rugby and track and field (throwing events) through high school where he competed at the provincial level in both sports. 

Frank went on to begin his Kinesiology degree at the University of Toronto where he also play for the school Football and Track teams while studying. Frank won an OUA bronze medal in the shotput and was a starting offensive linemen for the Football team. 

Now, Frank is currently finishing up his bachelor of Kinesiology at Redeemer University with aspirations to become a physiotherapist where he can help both athletes and adults optimize their health and performance, just as he did in his youth and continues in his adult life.

Frank officially joins team ALP after completing a 3 month internship during the fall of 2022. The internship gave Frank the opportunity to work closely with and learn from our Owner and CEO Adam Lloyd and he is excited to start helping athletes and adults achieve their health and performance goals!

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