Owner, CEO, Director of High Performance

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Owner & CEO; Director of High Performance

High Performance, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Business Development Coach / Advisor

Adam believes in taking an integrated approach to athletic performance based on functional movement/ flexibility and performance assessments, exercise related nutritional evaluations, specific corrective/dynamic exercises and strength training, unique recovery strategies, along with a host of other modalities.

Adam's core fundamentals to training are quite simple; train with a purpose and do it right. An elite hockey player should train to perform better at hockey, not to look good at the beach (although a chizzled physique is an added benefit of doing things right).


Adam designs ingeniously crafted individualized training and nutrition programs for each client's needs and purpose. He's careful to develop any client to have solid form and fundamentals before attempting to lift heavier loads. Far too often people of all agents and abilities are asked to perform a movement with either too much weight or poor form, or sadly, both. Adam always says if a person does not have the proper functional control over the movement, whether it's an elite athlete or a 9-5 office worker - compensations occur leading to diminished performance and injury.

General Manager


Business Diploma, PN-1

General Manager, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

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Coaches and Trainers

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Senior High Performance and Lifestyle Coach

Group Training Coordinator

As one of the Hamilton areas most renowned coaches, Barry brings 10 years of experience and coaching wisdom to our team as a Senior Performance Coach.


Having struggled with his weight throughout his younger years, Barry understands what it feels like to be confused and not sure what to do with all the information out there today.


He knows first hand what takes to achieve long-term, sustainable results. This combination of personal and professional experience allows him to help clients filter and make sense of the overwhelming amount of (often bad) information available today.


Barry believes that every great fitness program is built on a foundation of resistance training, and that resistance training isn’t just a way to exercise, but a skill that should be learned and progressed to improve the lives of those who practice it. 


On the nutrition side of things, Barry is all about helping his clients understand that results come from long-term consistency. Building habits and understanding what it truly means to eat a healthy, balanced diet is what helps his clients not just reach their goals, but maintain them.


As ALP-TI’s Group Training Coordinator, Barry is responsible for all of the programs and initiatives involved with our women’s only StrongGirls program and our Co-Ed Adult Performance class. His goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind group fitness experience that makes safe, fun, effective exercise programming accessible to everyone.


Barry is available for 1-on-1 and semi-private training, you can learn more about him through his instagram page @builtbybarry where you’ll find tons of tips, exercises, and helpful infographics!

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Senior High Performance and Lifestyle Coach

Personal Training Coordinator

Nicholas’ love for health and fitness began with the knowledge instilled in him by Owner and CEO, Adam Lloyd since the age of 14. Growing up as a talented hockey player in the region he was looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage. Having met Adam at a hockey camp Nicholas decided to continue working with him to improve performance, strength, nutrition and recovery strategies.

Nicholas played junior hockey in every possible level in Canada. He started his junior career playing Jr. C for the Glanbrook Rangers as a 16 year old, followed by a season with the Jr. A Georgetown Raiders before moving out east to play hockey for the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles of the QMJHL. Nicholas’ final two season of junior hockey were played with the Jr. B St. Catharines Falcons while beginning his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at the University of Brock.

Now with a University degree in his back pocket, and years of elite athletic development, Nick combines all the experience and all the passion for health and fitness from a young age, with all his education and professional experience to help people of all ages and abilities build the foundation for performance and create the ability to live a healthy lifestyle.


From a young athlete striving to increase performance, to a client looking to implement a healthy lifestyle, Nicholas’ passion is to give the client the knowledge to be fit for life.


High Performance and Lifestyle Coach

Zach brings his skills to our team all the way from the land down under, from Queensland, Australia. He's come to Canada with the purpose of learning and adapting our strength and conditioning / performance tools with both the general population and athletes so he can bring this methodology back to Australia and open his own facility one day to help others with their health and fitness journey. 

Zach's passion is with youth athletes, and Rugby players. Being a School teacher for the past few years and a talented Rugby athlete all his life back home, it's engrained in his blood. He's been coaching rugby teams for a number of years and is an internationally certified rugby coach! 


High Performance and Lifestyle Coach

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Manual Therapy:


Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST)

Soft Tissue Release

Manual Therapy

Aaron brings a wealth of both athlete and practitioner experience to the table when providing manual therapy.

A life long athlete and provincial level weightlifter, Aaron has been a strength coach and therapist from Vancouver, Canada, with over ten years experience working in the high performance sports industry. He completed his Master’s in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, and is currently working with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats as a member of their performance and therapy staff after spending the previous three seasons with the BC Lions (among other high performance institutions including the University of Washington, Simon Fraser University, and the Basketball BC Provincial Team)

Aaron is currently a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, Soft Tissue Specialists, and is currently completing his final year of massage therapy college. 

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Customer Service Team:




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