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4 Week Nutrition Challenge Starts Feb 17th 2023 - Early Bird Price extended!!!!!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

ALP Training Institute - 4 Week Nutrition Challenge

Would you or someone you know like to regain control over your nutrition habits?

This means:

  • No more stressing out on what you should eat, or how much of it

  • Learning what foods work best for your body and which to limit

  • Ending the cycle of weekend binge eating episodes

  • Reducing inflammation, stomach bloat/discomfort

  • Feeling confident going to a restaurant

  • And much, much more!

If that sounds appealing to you, then you won't want to miss our inaugural 4 Week Nutrition Challenge kicking off Friday Feb 17th!!

This 4-Week Nutrition Challenge is a strategically condensed, fast-tracked version of our legendary habit-based 12 Week Transformation Challenge, designed by Adam Lloyd, that has helped thousands of people increase their energy, strength, confidence and mental focus while decreasing body fat, body pain, brain fog and fatigue.

But, because we’ve never ran this exact 4-Week challenge, we have a special inaugural pricing incentive AND we want to give you a HUGE 70% early bird discount (ONLY until Feb 10th... has been extended until end of day Sunday Feb 12th, 2023) to join us for our first ever 4-Week Challenge and help us help you - and many others like you - regain control over your nutrition habits so you can optimize your own health. And we all know life is more fun with all the benefits of health, including:

  • An improved mood

  • All day long energy

  • Better and deeper sleep

  • Happy with how your clothes fit

  • Greater mental clarity and focus

  • No more anxiety about those doctor visits

  • Greater confidence from following through on your commitments

  • Being your very favourite version of yourself!

The regular price for this first ever strategic fast-tracked 4 Week Nutrition Challenge is just $99+hst. Please note, the price will go up in the future after we’ve had a chance to refine things.

But, those who register before Friday, February 10th will save a WHOPPING 70%, paying just $29+hst to join our strategic, fast tracked 4-Week Nutrition Challenge.

You might be wondering why the heck are we doing this, considering our expertise in the area?

Well, for one, after doing this for nearly 2 decades we know this time of year is pretty rough for many around the world, so we want to offer some strategic support!

Two, we know many are struggling financially with the global state of economic times, and we want to offer a strategic solution to support as many folks as we can.

And three, we know this can be a big commitment for folks (spending money on things they’ve never tried before or are afraid it might not work) - so we wanted to offer a BIG incentive to reduce the fear or stress about the monetary commitment (and time hence the condensed 4 week challenge compared to our 12 Week Lifestyle Transformation Challenge).

See, although we love helping our members and clients at ALP Training Institute, we know not everyone can afford a high end gym membership or professional personal trainers.

Sure, we know we’re worth every penny we charge - but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

This is a way we get to help more people-- and that’s our mission at ALP-TI: to help adults and athletes clarify the confusion in the health and fitness world so they can live their best lives doing whatever it is they want to do, without limitations.

Perhaps you’ve already seen some struggles from your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you went in with great resolve, but just couldn’t seem to get / keep traction?

Or, what if you ARE seeing positive momentum? No doubt you want to make sure the health and wellness train keeps chuggin’ along and doesn’t slow down!!

If any of this resonates, our strategic fast-tracked 4-Week Nutrition Challenge may be EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

Over the past 18 years, we’ve worked with literally thousands of people just like you.

If you'd like, you can check out previous clients talking about their journey HERE.

We show you exactly what to do. So there’s no guessing.

You just have to open up the app each day, apply the weekly habit as often as you can (and we’ll show you how to do that), each day! The habits from this program are some of the MOST EFFECTIVE from our previous 12 week challenges.

We even offer some free workout tips so you get the very best possible results in your 4-Week Challenge.

Two mini-hitches to think about:

1) We only offer so many spots each time we offer a challenge and since this coming challenge is the first time we’ve offered it, it will be our smallest intake of the year. So if you want control over your nutrition habits, lock in your spot ASAP.

2) The price goes up on Friday February 10th (extended until end of day Sunday Feb 12th). But if you sign up today, you’ll save 70% ($70) off the full price with our Early Bird pricing.

And remember…

For this inaugural 4-week challenge ONLY, we’re offering a special inaugural pricing of only $99+hst AND we’re offering a HUGE 70% discount (until Feb 10th 2023, extended to end of day Sunday Feb 12).

This means you can get in on the most strategic, fast tracked Nutrition Challenge we’ve ever offered, at a fraction of the price it will be offered in the future!!! Pay only $29+hst to learn the exact nutrition habits proven to provide long term successful results!

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