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The Best Way For Women To Lose Weight, For Good!

A Detox? Intermittent fasting? Cardio? HIIT? Can you do it in 45 minutes a day?

In my 8+ years working as personal trainer, I’ve seen a lot.

I’ve watched countless women change their bodies and minds for the long haul using the training methods and nutrition principles we teach.

I’ve also watched many women struggle through a cycle you might relate to:

  • Sticking to a diet that keeps you from eating food you enjoy

  • Wondering if you should be going out to social events to avoid high calorie food & alcohol

  • Rebounding from diet and gaining most, all, or more than the weight you just lost

  • Working out more often than you need to, at an intensity you can’t maintain on your own

  • Spending money on detoxes, cleanses, waistbands and teas that promise quick results on minimal effort

  • Losing interest in exercise because what’s the point if you can’t seem to keep the weight off?

If you said “yup” to some of the above, I’d like to offer you an alternative.

It’s not loud or sexy, it’s not fast or easy - but it works...and it works for life.

You’ve struggled to lose the same weight every year doing the most popular diet and exercise fad

You’ve jumped at the chance to lose 15, 20, 30lbs FAST.

And, as incredible as those results may be, if you’re back at square one every 6, 8, or 12 months, was it really that effective?

What if instead of torturing yourself in the short term, you made the effort to build the habits, skills, and routine you need to change for the long haul - getting GREAT results along the way?

What if you lost half to one pound of body fat every week for a year, and knew that you’ve created healthy habits for yourself that will keep you from ever gaining it back?

That’s up to 52 pounds in a year - gone for good.

Rather than have you cut out carbs, skip breakfast, or perform HIIT circuits until you can taste your lunch; at ALP-TI we opt for a more balanced, less depriving, holistic and scientific approach:

  • Making small changes to your lifestyle over time

  • Eating mostly whole foods, and getting adequate protein while maintaining a calorie deficit

  • Using light, moderate, and steady-state cardio to add variety based on your personal preferences (not because you feel like you have to)

  • Managing your rest, sleep, and stress

  • Prioritizing Strength Training (and complementing that with the right amount of hit and low intensity cardio)

The myth that strength training makes women bulky is exactly that...a myth.

A myth perpetuated by people who make their money putting as many people as possible through a workout that requires minimal actual coaching on their part.

And the value of great coach can’t be undervalued.

Are you doing the exercise correctly and feeling it where you should?

Is there a variation of that exercise that’s better suited for you? Your body? Your goals?

A great coach can show you, and more importantly they can guide you through it.

Our workouts are run by the coaches who write them, and they happen to be some of the best in the city.

So if you’ve been wanting to:

  • get in better shape,

  • have more energy

  • feel more confident in your body

Then please contact us today to find out more about our one-week unlimited group training promotion and / or other packages we offer!

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