How Are YOU Doing? Mentally? Physically? Biochemically? Emotionally?

How are you doing, overall, in your life right now??

Over the past 330 or so days (11 months since the first lockdown began in March 2020), the world has been tossed in a blender

And without a shadow of a doubt - people are struggling all over the world in so many areas of their lives, including:

1) mental health (mindset and ability to think clearly)

2) physical health (muscles, joints, organs, etc)

3) biochemical health (nutrition habits, vitamins and minerals, etc)

4) emotional health (how one feels internally and expresses themselves externally)

Heck, I've talked with thousands of folks all over the world in the past year and the vast majority mentioned feeling more depressed, anxious, frustrated, sluggish, overweight, tired, weak - just insert any negatively associated feeling here - than ever before!

Sound familiar?

The problem is that when our mental health suffers - everything else does too!! It's the catalyst for all things we do - and the past year has challenged even the strongest minds to self-regulate, overcome, and persevere.

So here's 5 strategies I use myself, and with all my clients to help keep my mental health on point: Note - although the application of each is slightly different for everyone, these strategies can (and have) worked for just about everyone that's implemented them.

1. EAT WELL - you don't have to be perfect, but add in the good stuff you're missing so you have the micro and macronutrients your metabolism needs to fuel your systems and function - and limit the stuff that typically leads to health complications rather than health improvement!

2. MEDITATION - one of the best free resources to humans - this purposeful behavior modulates our parasympathetic (rest and digest) and sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous systems - which helps to reduce stress, inflammation, and feelings of depression/anxiety (and even stimulates tissue repair, neuroplasticity, and other amazing beneficial internal processes)

3. DAILY EXERCISE - no I'm not talking about crushing yourself everyday. But I am talking about at least 15 minutes of purposeful activity per day, like mobility, mindful walk, etc - and then 3-6 workouts per week depending on your goals / abilities / etc. following a quality program based on sound scientific and proven methods.

4. JOIN A COMMUNITY - support system is one of the most crucial components to mental health, and our government's decisions have unfortunately caused many communities to separate or struggle apart rather than together! If you aren't a part of a supportive community, please find one asap and join! I would love to have you join us in our new and improved online ALP Community for less than $1 per day and gain access to our member only portal with exercise programs, nutrition tips and mental health strategies to help you live your best life!! (link in bio).

5. POSITIVE SELF TALK - the stories we tell ourselves dictate how we view the world we live in and how our brains ultimately work. Think of your self talk like your brains "super computer programming code" - whatever we say to ourselves, we're right and we'll do or behave that way. So ask yourself when you're speaking with yourself - is this really how I want to feel? Speak to yourself the way you WANT to feel (while still being real with yourself) - and have some compassion for the mistakes you may of made!

Of course we could talk for DAYS about this stuff - and we do talk about this stuff ALL the time with our clients and members in the gym and our ALP Community Member's in our online community.

But here is a GREAT place to start if you're looking to improve your mental health today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life!!

If you or someone you love is struggling in these 5 key areas of their lives, please send us an email or give us a call 289-246-9000 and let us know how we can help!

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