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One More Rep Challenge for Mental Health

Many of us all fighting battles others know nothing about.

Join us as we team up with RYU (an upscale active lifestyle apparel brand) as we raise awareness in support of making mental health care a reality around the world. RYU is using the simple action of an iconic kettlebell swing as the “symbol” of support as we encourage everyone to do One More Rep for Mental Health.

One More Rep for Mental Health

We are hosting a FREE "One More Rep for Mental Health Challenge" event at ALP-TI Wednesday November 22nd from 6-7pm. (free access requires you to complete at least 1 entry to the challenge - posted with hashtags)

If you're unable to make it from 6-7pm, no problem, you can do your own swings at home, another gym, or any time tomorrow November 22nd (whole day is free access - members, bring your friends if they're looking to try out ALP-TI, they're welcome to stay after completing the challenge for a workout!)

We're looking forward to seeing how many swings we can accomplish together!!!

Upcoming Events at ALP-TI - One More Rep Challenge for Mental Health


Tag your friends. And you could WIN great prizes every week until the end of November. You can enter by doing the challenge anywhere and all you need to do is post a video on social using our hashtags (see below). If you can't make it to ALP-TI, or don’t have a kettlebell, use something around your house. A backpack filled with soup cans, a laundry basket full of clothes – whatever you can find to challenge yourself.

At the end of each week, RYU will pick the highest single total of reps and award that person a great prize and they will also be drawing weekly random prizes for anyone who participates online or in store. You can enter as many times as you wish. RYU's goal is 1 million collective reps by midnight, November 30. Our goal at ALP-TI is to contribute at least 10,000 swings to this total and we will be awarding each the Male and Female with the highest total number of Swings tomorrow night with a FREE ALP-TI T-shirt!


  • Open camera + start recording.

  • Say “ I am doing the RYU One More Rep for Mental Health and I challenge ____________.”

  • Pick up the kettlebell that you feel comfortable with and start swinging!

  • Count your reps as you go. Every swing helps.


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