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Covid-19 Update - Full Shutdown until March 30th

Difficult times call for difficult decisions and we’re so grateful for the support we’ve received during this unprecedented and challenging time.

It's not getting any easier making these calls.

We’ve already taken extreme measures to do our part to flatten the curve with multiple cleaning, screening and social distancing protocols to ensure the safety of our members and staff while still allowing our staff to generate income for as long as we can stay open. We even limited the number of people in our facility to well below the recommended levels, have suspended all groups/classes, and even halting the sale of new trials or memberships to new people.

While I strongly believe that the precautions we were taking were doing our part to "flatten the curve" -- to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and our entire community, I’ve made the gut wrenching decision to shut the gym down completely, effective at 9pm Thursday March 19th, until March 30th (updates will be posted as more info comes out over the coming days).

Even with best sanitation practices and responsible members like yourselves --- it just has become far bigger than my beliefs and we must comply at this time.

What this means for our Members:

  • There will be a minimum 2 week extension applied (for March 16 - March 30th 2020) to all current memberships and service agreements. We’ll of course continue to update on this status if we need to make any further changes to the re-opening date.

  • ALL GYM MEMBERS (Open Gym, Class Passes, Athletes, Personal Training Clients) - We have opened up access to our digital Workout Programs to all members at this time. You can obtain digital workouts on our Member Portal on our website for free - and more will be added this weekend - designed for in-home and with or without equipment. If you have not previously accessed the portal, here is the link with info on how to do so - ALP GYM MEMBER PORTAL

  • My team and I will be hosting some free facebook lives for members to answer questions on whatever challenges you’re facing in terms of staying active and healthy. Feel free to post questions about what challenges you’re currently facing in our Facebook Community Group and we’ll do our best to come up with effective and efficient solutions for you!

Thank you for being so awesome and supportive throughout this unprecedented time and I'm very sorry for this inconvenience to you all!

To the rest of the public looking to join the gym - we will be offering the ability to purchase memberships online soon and will active these memberships whenever we are able to re-open.

Please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have!

Thank you,

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