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ALP Group Training Updates - New Class and Updated Class Names!!

With April in the books, we’ve got some great things to reflect on and a whole lot to look forward to as we get into the warmer months.

Easter at the gym was a ton of fun with our take on an Easter egg hunt that mixed chocolate treats with some tough exercises and a ton of laughs and high fives. Thanks to everyone who came out!

We’re starting May off with a BANG as we introduce our Friday evening co-ed “Strength Camp’ class to our newly renamed Adult Team Training class schedule (formerly known as ALP Bootcamp).

The new Adult Team Training Strength Class kicks off on Friday May 3rd at 5:30pm, come ready to lift some weights and give out some high fives! And just a reminder we’ve removed the 8:30am Saturday morning Mobility class going forward.

Speaking of Adult Team Training, we should probably explain the name change!

See, we’ve struggled for some time to come up with a name for our version of what we’ve called “ALP Bootcamp” for so long, and while sitting down with Adam recently we realized that the right name has been under our noses all along.

The way we’ve operated this class is almost identical to the way we train our sports teams:

  • A thorough warm-up

  • Some performance based activation movements

  • A resistance training workout designed to improve how you look, feel, and move.

But, unlike our sports teams though we’re wrapping these workouts up with some unique, calorie-crushing, sweat pumping finishers you’ll hate to love 😬


Enter ALP ADULT TEAM TRAINING 💥 We thought about calling it this before, but didn’t want to confuse everyone as we train a lot of sports teams (and still do) this is just our adults only version for people looking to live an active lifestyle with a focus on higher performance!

We’ve created an experience where everyone can come together as a team and foster the best environment possible for themselves AND for each other 💥💥

Additional info on our STRENGTH CAMP: this class will focus primarily on conventional resistance training. We’ll be using variations of Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, and more with an emphasis on week-to-week progress (not just calorie burn). It’s also very important to us that we’re able to find the best variations of these movements for each member, whether that means we’re using barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells or whatever else we need to fit the exercise to the individual (NOT the other way around).

Click here for our full schedule and for more info on our Adult Group Training Classes!

Contact us today to find out how you can try a class FOR FREE!!! Available for a limited time only!!

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