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2019 Hamilton News Reader's Choice Awards - Winners Announced!!

WOW!!!! We're almost speechless at the support and recognition this year for the Hamilton News Reader's Choice Awards.

We're so humbled to be recognized by our community as the leaders in health and fitness here in Hamilton!! We're very grateful for the support we've received from the local community - and it's been quantified today with 16 total awards for 2019!!

This year saw the most total votes in any year for the Hamilton News RC award voting period - and we are honored to take home the TOP spot (Diamond Award) in every single business category we were nominated in, and also the top spot (along with many others) for the individual awards our teammates were finalists in!!

Here's the full list of the Business Awards won:

Awards include:

Diamond (1st) - Fitness Club in Best Business/Service

Diamond (1st) - Customer Service in Best Business/Service

Diamond (1st) - Weight Loss Clinic in Best Business/Service

Diamond (1st) - Boot Camp in Best Entertainment/Sports/Arts

Diamond (1st) - Sports Development/Training in Best Entertainment/Sports/Arts

And here's the full list of individual awards that our teammates took home in the Best People/Professionals category!!

Best Personal Trainer:

Adam Lloyd - Diamond (1st)

Barry Vincent - Gold (3rd)

Hannah Sinclair - Silver (4th)

Ryan French - Bronze (tied - 5th)

Nicholas Dozzi - Bronze (tied - 5th)

Fitness Instructor:

Adam Lloyd - Diamond (1st)

Barry Vincent - Gold (3rd)

Hannah Sinclair - Silver (4th)

Nicholas Dozzi - Bronze (5th)

Youth Leader:

Adam Lloyd - Diamond (1st)


Adam Lloyd - Diamond (1st)

We're super proud of our team for all their hard work. It truly takes a team effort to be recognized across this many areas of business and service. And not just any effort - but purposeful and quality effort is needed to be consistently regarded as the leaders in our industry year after year! Congrats Team!!!

And of course, there's no way any of this would be possible without the guidance and leadership from our owner and captain, Adam Lloyd. From taking home the Diamond award in all 4 categories he was nominated in, and leading our team to 5 Diamond awards in all 5 business categories we were nominated in ... it's no wonder Adam was a top 3 finalist for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award at the OBAA's presented by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce!!

Thank you to the local Hamilton community and all our family and friends that helped us bring home all these awards this year!


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