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2018 Winter Transformation Challenge Winners

We're excited to announce the 2018 Winter Transformation Challenge Winner's!!!!

So proud of everyone for all their hard work these past few months. Everyone won in my books!!! Ya Ya cliche, and pretty sure I said it last year too, but it's absolutely true! The effort given, friendships made, results earned, knowledge gained ... this was an awesome 3 months and I'm grateful for the opportunity to coach you all alongside my teammates Barry Vincent and Nicholas Dozzi!

Hands down, this was the HARDEST voting period I've ever been a part of. Not one single team member had identical votes to another when looking at photos and numbers... and I've battled with this decision up until posting it!!!


After the dust settled, we have a three way tie for 3rd place!!!! There was no separating any of them, just no way

In 3rd Place, congratulations to Sherrie W, Peter L, and Mandy C! You all did an amazing job with your transformations!! Combined, they lost over 50lbs of fat and gained over 20lbs of muscle!!! There was just no way we could make a decision of who was 3rd place over one another so everyone wins :)

3rd Place Prize Package = $435 value!! - 1 Month Gym Membership + 1 Personal Training Session + 1 month Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching


In 2nd Place, congratulations to Tanya J!! Every time Tanya came in for measurements she was always upset that the scale wasn't moving very much .. but she'd comment how her clothes fit totally different, and then we'd tabulate her numbers and see she's dropped more fat and gained more muscle!!!! This was a true transformation!!

Often in these kind of challenges people are encouraged to lose a ton of weight, at the expense of very precious muscle! Not here, Tanya GAINED over 10lbs of muscle and dropped almost 15lbs of fat!!!!! Awesome job Tanya!

2nd Place Price Package = $800 value!! - 3 Month Gym Membership + 3 Personal Training Sessions + 1 month Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching


And in 1st place, big congratulations goes to Natalija S, our overall winner for the 2018 ALP Winter Transformation Challenge!!!! Every week it seemed like Natalija was losing weight and inches everywhere and her workout intensity continued to climb. You could see her form improve each week and add more weight to every exercise! Around the mid way point she had no more back pain and was kicking bootcamp butt by the end of the challenge!! It really shows in her pictures, measurements, and overall life!! Here’s a little quote from her experience, “... I feel much stronger, have seen many non scale victories, and I have much more energy than before. Spending active time with my kids is much easier now...”

Congrats Natalija you’re our overall winner this year!!!

1st Place = almost $2000 value!! - 1 Year membership + 5 Personal Training sessions + 3 months Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching (+1 month I've given to everyone)


GREAT GREAT GREAT job by all the winners, finalists, and each competitor in the challenge!!

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