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Pro Hockey Player

"... the guys at ALP are the best. They always know what you need and when you need it. I know I'm performing at my best because of their dedication to me becoming the best I can be."


Ideal for summer sport athletes (baseball, football, soccer, etc) looking to step up their game and optimize development over the winter months, and/or in-season winter athletes (hockey, basketball, volleyball, etc) to maintain health and performance throughout the season.

- Ages 14-18+
-In-Season Hockey / Winter Sports (train 1-2 days per week)
- Off-Season Field / Summer Sports​ (train 3-5 days per week)
TIMES: (through Oct - Dec)
TIMES: (through Jan - Mar)


Ideal for winter sport athletes coming off a long season looking to get a head start on their off-season, and/or for summer sport athletes to dial things up into high gear before the season starts. This is often the kick-start for the off-season for many of our elite hockey players.

- Pre/In-Season Field / Summer Sports  (train 1-2 days per week)
- Off-Season Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball and College Athletes (train 3-4 days per week)

Dates & TIMES: 
Mon & Wed  @  4:00 - 5:00pm
Tues & Thurs @ 7:00 - 8:00pm

Ideal for the winter sport athlete looking to step up their game and optimize development over the summer months, and/or in-season summer athletes looking to maintain health and performance throughout the season. While we do work with athletes from all sports, we are most known for our elite hockey off-season development program that our owner has ran for over a decade!

- In-Season Field / Summer Sports  (train 1-2 days per week)
- Off-Season Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball and College Athletes (train 4-5 days per week)



Youth = 12 - 14*
Junior = 14* - 18
NCAA/Pro = 18+
* 14yr old may be allowed to train in Jr group if development ready
Dates & Times TBA


Our Mission

Our goal is to improve our athlete’s sport performance and overall health for years to come while decreasing likelihood of injury by providing individualized training and nutrition plans based on the athlete's goals and demands. We do this by integrating multiple areas of health and performance ensuring athletes are doing everything they can to exceed their limits and reach their true potential. Regardless of the sport you’re playing or season you’re in (in-season or off-season), our customized approach to athletic development ensures athletes will be performing the most effective workout for their desired goal


Our Owner and Director of Sport Performance, Adam Lloyd, has worked with thousands of athletes all over the world and has been training elite athletes for over a decade and a half. He recently served as the Development Strength and Performance Coach for the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL and has helped develop some of the NHL's brightest young talent including Mitch Marner, Max Domi, Dylan Strome, Christian Dvorak, Christian Fischer, Brandon Perlini, and Clayton Keller to name a few. More and more of Hamilton's own elite hockey players like Zac Rinaldo, Nicholas Caamano, Brandon Saigeon, Johnny Kovacevic, and Reilly Webb to name a few trust the team at ALP-TI with their performance training and athletic development. 

From Professional Boxers and MMA fighters to NHL superstars, and elite Baseball, Football, LaCrosse, Soccer, and Tennis players - Adam has consistently been trusted by athletes all over the world to help them optimize their health and performance.  And when you add all the years of experience of our Professional Strength and Conditioning Specialists working with the athletic population (and as athletes themselves), it's no wonder why ALP-TI is widely respected as the leaders in athletic development! 



Pro Hockey Player

"... Adam helped me prepare for my rookie OHL season, I had never really seen the transfer of off-ice training to Hockey until I worked with Adam - he made it easy to see why some training that's great for football players, isn't the best fit for Hockey players. I got bigger, stronger, and faster over the summer and that gave me the confidence I needed to go in there against all the bigger guys and do what I needed to do."

​Some of What's Included in our Programs:

  • Initial and on going performance evaluations and detailed body composition assessments (InBody 270)

  • Customized nutrition guidelines based on the player’s needs / goals

  • Education lessons on things that support performance like, nutrition, safe/effective supplements, sleep, and more.

  • Customized high performance training program focused on athlete's performance and longevity - each player receives a binder (junior and pro-elite programs) with their individualized program

  • Phases include: general strength, hypertrophy (growth), power development, speed and agility, taper for season and in-season (focus may be shifted from area to area based on player needs - and time of year)

  • Improve speed and agility through track/field workouts and explosive movements

  • Enhance strength and power through safe and effective lifting methods, plyometrics, and purposeful strength training (all age/training level appropriate)

  • ALP-TI performance t-shirt included

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