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While we’re most known for running one of the most trusted off-season programs in the summer hockey players for over a decade, we’ve worked with athletes from all sports for just as long! Click here to see what some of our athletes have said about working with us!


Our new multi-sport group training program has evolved over the past decade of experience working with elite athletes. Regardless of the sport you’re playing or season you’re in (in-season or off-season), our customized approach to athletic development ensures athletes will be performing the most effective workout for their desired goal (in-season = ability to perform at optimal level in sport and reducing risk for injuries VERSUS off-season where the goal is to improve strength and performance abilities with higher training volumes, more intense workouts, etc).


Each workout is personalized and based on the needs of the player, focusing on specific corrective movements and body maintenance aiming to improve sport specific performance. Athletes can expect to receive the very best training and support available by some of the best minds in the industry. Whether you’re feeling good and wanting to keep it that way, or have an injury that needs attention, we’ve got you covered.

What You Can Expect:

  • Initial & ongoing evaluation(s) to effectively monitor Athlete's progress and program development

  • 1-4 x 60 minute workouts per week, low trainer to athlete ratio

  • Customized training program design & tailored nutrition tips

  • Correcting muscle imbalances and improving movement efficiency

  • Ensuring adequate flexibility to allow optimal performance and limit risk for injury

  • Unique recovery strategies to properly regenerate energy stores

  • Education sessions to develop athlete’s knowledge of healthy habits

Enrollment Options

- In-Season Hockey / Winter Sports (suggested to train 1-2 days per week)
- Off-Season Field / Summer Sports​ (suggested to train 3-4 days per week)

 Mon & Wed  @  4-5pm
Tues & Thurs  @  7-8pm
Who: Athletes ages 11-13 and 14+

All sessions must be used during the program
Any unused sessions will expire at the end of program with no refund or credit.

Athletic enrollment

Option 1


Basic - 24 sessions

- includes 2-3 custom training phases 

- ideal for very busy or in-season athletes looking to train 1-2x per week

- Can purchase drop-ins at $40 per workout if space available - workout will be designed for age / sport appropriate

Before Jan 1 = $747+hst
After Jan 1 = $847+hst

Option 2


Advanced - 36 sessions

- includes 3 custom training phases 

- ideal for athletes looking to train 3x per week

Before Jan 1 = $1047+hst
After Jan 1 = $1147+hst

Option 3


Elite - 48 sessions

- includes 3 custom training phases 

- ideal for off-season athletes looking to step it up and train 4x per week

Before Jan 1 = $1197+hst
After Jan 1 = $1297+hst

Not sure Yet? Complete the form below to request a phone call for more information about our Winter Program

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Winter Registration Form

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Message from Our Owner & Director of High Performance - Adam Lloyd  
"I couldn’t be happier to finally have my own home to train athletes of all kinds and ages! After running programs at locations with limited space and ability for over a decade, I finally decided to open my own space, the ALP Training Institute, in 2016 to offer a high performance training facility for athletes and the individual seeking an active lifestyle. 

I believe in offering the most comprehensive programs possible and will strive to affiliate with other open minded and forward thinking professionals (from physical therapists, to psychologists, to on-ice instructors and more) to compliment our development programs at ALP. Our goal with our sport specific programs is to help every athlete maximize their time away from their sport to ensure they’re doing everything possible to play at their very best for years to come.  

After doing this for over a decade, it's becoming more important year after year for players and parents to become educated in what works, and what looks cool but doesn't work. Every year there seems to be a few new “functional training” and “sport specific” programs popping up out there offering elite development programs. I'm sure these are very well intended, but are generally cookie cutter approaches based on what some guys did when they played and often actually increase risk for injury both short and long term for athletes. They sound really cool, and are often priced really cheap, but just don't cut it ... not in the realm of proven, integrated, individualized, high performance athletic training and development.
I would like to personally invite you to come to my ALP Training Institute for a meet and greet and discuss more about our programs and what we have to offer. Feel free to check out ​my website​, bio, and testimonials for a little more info on about me, how I got here, who I've worked with, and why I do what I do.  

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