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 Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to take action and change your life?

* Our 4th Annual Challenge kicks off with initial evaluation Monday January 6th 2020

* 6 and 12 Week enrollment options (can upgrade to 12 weeks at anytime if you wish)

* Only 12 week option qualifies for 1st overall prize (6 week enrollment cannot win 1st overall)



  • 1st Place = OVER $1600 value!! - 6 Month Unlimited Membership (includes access to ALL adult fitness classes, a full gym membership, an inbody body composition scan per month, plus towel service and water for each workout) + 5 Personal Training Sessions + $50 ALP Apparel credit

  • 2nd Place = $525 value!! - 3 Month Gym Membership  or  1 month Unlimited + $25 ALP Apparel credit

  • 3rd Place = $125 value!! - 1 Month Gym Membership + $25 ALP Apparel credit

Enrollment includes:

  • Online group coaching including weekly healthy living lessons and bi-weekly nutrition habits, including online support, including never offered before LIVE coaching sessions with our Owner Adam Lloyd - something usually reserved for his Mastermind clients (up to $1200 value!!!!)

  • Initial and on-going body composition scan/assessment and tracking using our Medical Body Composition analyzer - the InBody 270 (up to $180 value)

  • Non Member - receives exclusive membership for duration of the challenge (up to $225 Value)

  • 6 or 12 classes to our adult group training classes to get started (must be used during the challenge - used as participant wishes, 6 classes for 6 week enrollment, 12 classes for 12 week enrollment

  • ALP-TI Transformation Challenge T-shirt ($25 value)

  • Group Training Special Rate, for those looking to take full advantage and make sure they make the strongest transformation possible, we're offering a special rate of just $15 per class (save $10 on standard drop in rate). NO MIN OR MAX. All sessions must be used during duration of challenge - example - training 3x per week for the 12 weeks = 36 classes. Participants receive 12 FREE, so 24 additional sessions at regular price would be almost $500... but our Challenger cost = $360 - save $120 on 24 sessions!!)

  • Personal Training Special Rate (additional cost) = $75 per session (save $20 / session on pay-as-you-go rates) - NO MIN OR MAX. All sessions must be used during duration of challenge. Looking to add 1 motivational / accountability session each week? Save $240 if purchasing 12 PT sessions!​

  • Can do a combination of Personal Training and Group Training to really maximize chances of making the biggest transformation but also learning how to KEEP it - which is usually the hardest part!​

Enrollment Options

* Note: to register as a member, must be a current member at ALP-TI, or engaging in a current personal training package, or have a minimum of 10 active group training classes at the time of signup.

Option #1 = January 6 - Feb 15 (6 week)

$247 (Non-Member)

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$147 (*ALP Member)

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Option #2 = January 6 - Mar 28 (12 Week)

$397 (Non-Member)

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$297 (*ALP Member) 

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* prices exclude sales tax

Challege Registration

Competition Criteria

  • Body fat % change

  • Amount of muscle added

  • Amount of fat lost

  • Total visits to the gym / completing weigh-ins / check-ins

  • Overall lifestyle improvements in behaviours

  • Before and after photos (visual transformation)

Transformation Challenge Overview

How would you like it if 2020 was your healthiest and most successful year of your life?


With a new year fast approaching, everyone starts thinking of new year’s resolutions and sets their goals for the next 12 months. Then usually a few weeks into the new year the road to their goals becomes a reality and they veer off track pretty quickly.


Sound familiar??


The percentage of the population that this happens to is staggering, it's probably happened to you. But the good news is, you don't have to fit in that group.


Successful people, like our finalists from last year (see above), do something a little different though. They keep the decisions simple. They find support when shit gets real. They take it one day at a time.


And they commit to something that is actually proven to WORK!

Here's what our overall winner from 2019's Transformation Challenge had to say about her experience:


"The transformation challenge at ALP Training Institute i