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 Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to take action and change your life?

* Our 4th Annual Challenge kicks off with initial evaluation Monday January 6th 2020

* 6 and 12 Week enrollment options (can upgrade to 12 weeks at anytime if you wish)

* Only 12 week option qualifies for 1st overall prize (6 week enrollment cannot win 1st overall)



  • 1st Place = OVER $1600 value!! - 6 Month Unlimited Membership (includes access to ALL adult fitness classes, a full gym membership, an inbody body composition scan per month, plus towel service and water for each workout) + 5 Personal Training Sessions + $50 ALP Apparel credit

  • 2nd Place = $525 value!! - 3 Month Gym Membership  or  1 month Unlimited + $25 ALP Apparel credit

  • 3rd Place = $125 value!! - 1 Month Gym Membership + $25 ALP Apparel credit

Enrollment includes:

  • Online group coaching including weekly healthy living lessons and bi-weekly nutrition habits, including online support, including never offered before LIVE coaching sessions with our Owner Adam Lloyd - something usually reserved for his Mastermind clients (up to $1200 value!!!!)

  • Initial and on-going body composition scan/assessment and tracking using our Medical Body Composition analyzer - the InBody 270 (up to $180 value)

  • Non Member - receives exclusive membership for duration of the challenge (up to $225 Value)

  • 6 or 12 classes to our adult group training classes to get started (must be used during the challenge - used as participant wishes, 6 classes for 6 week enrollment, 12 classes for 12 week enrollment

  • ALP-TI Transformation Challenge T-shirt ($25 value)

  • Group Training Special Rate, for those looking to take full advantage and make sure they make the strongest transformation possible, we're offering a special rate of just $15 per class (save $10 on standard drop in rate). NO MIN OR MAX. All sessions must be used during duration of challenge - example - training 3x per week for the 12 weeks = 36 classes. Participants receive 12 FREE, so 24 additional sessions at regular price would be almost $500... but our Challenger cost = $360 - save $120 on 24 sessions!!)

  • Personal Training Special Rate (additional cost) = $75 per session (save $20 / session on pay-as-you-go rates) - NO MIN OR MAX. All sessions must be used during duration of challenge. Looking to add 1 motivational / accountability session each week? Save $240 if purchasing 12 PT sessions!​

  • Can do a combination of Personal Training and Group Training to really maximize chances of making the biggest transformation but also learning how to KEEP it - which is usually the hardest part!​

Enrollment Options

* Note: to register as a member, must be a current member at ALP-TI, or engaging in a current personal training package, or have a minimum of 10 active group training classes at the time of signup.

Option #1 = January 6 - Feb 15 (6 week)

$247 (Non-Member)

Click here to sign up now

$147 (*ALP Member)

Click here to sign up now

Option #2 = January 6 - Mar 28 (12 Week)

$397 (Non-Member)

Click here to sign up now

$297 (*ALP Member) 

Click here to sign up now

* prices exclude sales tax

Challege Registration

Competition Criteria

  • Body fat % change

  • Amount of muscle added

  • Amount of fat lost

  • Total visits to the gym / completing weigh-ins / check-ins

  • Overall lifestyle improvements in behaviours

  • Before and after photos (visual transformation)

Transformation Challenge Overview

How would you like it if 2020 was your healthiest and most successful year of your life?


With a new year fast approaching, everyone starts thinking of new year’s resolutions and sets their goals for the next 12 months. Then usually a few weeks into the new year the road to their goals becomes a reality and they veer off track pretty quickly.


Sound familiar??


The percentage of the population that this happens to is staggering, it's probably happened to you. But the good news is, you don't have to fit in that group.


Successful people, like our finalists from last year (see above), do something a little different though. They keep the decisions simple. They find support when shit gets real. They take it one day at a time.


And they commit to something that is actually proven to WORK!

Here's what our overall winner from 2019's Transformation Challenge had to say about her experience:


"The transformation challenge at ALP Training Institute is the best decision I have ever made in my life. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it.


I made the change. *I* did that, but I could not have been successful without the knowledge & support of my coaches, and the welcoming environment curated at ALP.


Here’s to tomorrow. Here’s to next year. One foot in front of the other, I’ll keep moving. Can’t wait for the next challenge  #ALPfamily"


Katie Wilson - lost over 30lbs of body fat, without losing a single pound of muscle!! 


Our transformation challenge has been proven to work great for our participants year after year.


No, we can’t do the work for you that’s your responsibility. But if you show up. If you try. If you follow the habits taught throughout the program and customize them to your life as you’ll be shown, you will be successful in making change in your life.



Here’s what our our overall winner from 2018 had to say about her experience:

“This whole experience was just amazing. After having my third baby I needed something new and different from what I had done before and this ALP transformation challenge was it.


At the beginning I was super nervous when getting my measurements and  pictures taken, however that quickly changed with how welcomed I felt by the owner and the staff there.

ALP has super knowledgeable trainers and a very well organized program, it made me feel at ease. Looked forward to coming in every Tuesday and Thursday night for bootcamp class. I’ve learned so many new things along the way, like how to properly fuel my body and being mindful of how fast, how much, and what I should eat.

I have gotten way better with my form when doing exercises, all because I was consistently supported by the amazing trainers. I feel much stronger, have seen many non scale victories and I have much more energy than before and spending active time with my kids is much easier now.

This challenge and the programs offered at ALP are absolutely the best.”

Natalija S - lost 26 pounds of Fat, GAINED 4 pounds of muscle, lost 9.4% body fat - and totally changed her life!



The workouts, lessons and habits in our program are designed and delivered by our Founder and Owner, Adam Lloyd. With almost 2 decades of experience helping people lose weight, build muscle, and changing their lives - you’ve got access to the best in the business here at ALP-TI!


Click here to register NOW



A little about the Challenge:

One promise we give to you, this is FAR more than a weight loss challenge! 

Each participant will receive 6 (if choosing our 6 week enrollment) or 12 group training classes AND a gym membership  for the duration of the challenge (a combined value of up to $495+hst ALONE!! Use these sessions early to ensure you're off to the best start possible.

All participants will receive 'lessons/tips' each week and 'habits' every other week to work on and implement in your lives via a private facebook group for challengers only - coached by our Owner Adam Lloyd (a value of up to $1200 for 3 months!)

You are not required to post or be active in the group, however it’s absolutely encouraged to get the most out of this programs via answers and support! You will get more out of this program if you interact here. Trust us, after 3 years of running this challenge, many of the participants will have the same questions you're thinking about asking - so ask in the group and we'll be able to generate a great discussion around the topic - answering in far more detail.

And if you're looking to really step things up - we've discounted our services for those enrolled in the challenge - $10 off our drop in for group training classes and $20 off our pay as you go personal training services.


Our group training classes and / or personal training services (should to choose to enroll) will teach you how to workout safely if you’re not yet sure how to, and will challenge you to new limits if you are already working out regularly.

Take full advantage of these discounts as it's the best opportunity to achieve the biggest transformation you can, but also learn how to MAINTAIN the changes! 

Our workouts are designed to be scalable to your fitness level, so regardless your fitness level - we’ll keep you safe and help you exceed your limits. 


While there may be various levels of physical abilities and specific goals, everyone is there for the same reason - to work hard and change something in their life. The support we've witnessed over the years has been absolutely incredible and we expect much of the same this year!

Heck, last year we had current and previous military personnel, police force, working alongside teachers, office workers, and executives. Signing up for classes is not mandatory to partake in the challenge, but again - highly encouraged to optimize the value of this challenge!



A first timer, Andrea came to us not knowing what to expect. But here’s how she felt about her experience:

“Why is ALP-TI the best boot camp out there? Simple, they live and breathe what they teach. They listen, they adapt and care for each member, unlike many of their competitors, they know that  each participant is unique and adapt the program to ensure success for each and every person involved.


ALP-TI approaches every class with thought plus a bit of fun to keep everyone motivated to achieve their goals. Their classes are kept small to ensure that no one is left behind in their quest to achieve a better version of themselves. ALP-TI has raised the bar for boot camp challenges that can not be found anywhere else.”


Andrea S. - lost 11.8 pounds of fat, gained 2 pounds of muscle and overall lost 6.2% Body Fat


Join our transformation challenge this January 2020 to take action and change your life.


And if you need a little extra something to motivate you to take action (and keep you motivated throughout the challenge), we ALWAYS give away some AWESOME prizes for this hard work and dedication for the biggest transformations (see above). It is true, EVERYONE that participates and completes the challenge is a winner in our books ... but that does't mean we can spoil a few of the participants that make the biggest changes! 

From nutrition habits and tips to lifestyle lessons and results proven workouts - the Annual Active Lifestyle and Performance Transformation Challenge teaches you the secrets to both initial and long lasting change improving mindset and performance leading to a healthier and happier life! 

You will be challenged.


You will feel resistance.


You will be supported.


You will change your life!


Click here to register NOW, limited spots available!!


Email or call us at 289-246-9000 if you have any questions.


Don't be like 95% of the population out there that sits on the couch and doesn't take the action to commit and make a change.

Be in that 5% that shows up.  

Decides to take action no matter how scary it seems.

And takes total ownership for what happens from then on, choosing to take action towards a better life. 

2020 is the year of the visionary! Ask yourself, what kind of health do you see for yourself if you continue to live life the way you are? 

Click here to register now

Enrollment is fills up fast every year! Complete the form below to get on the pre-sale list to reserve your spot now.

Challenge Reservation

Thank you for reserving a spot in our 2019 Transformation Challenge! We're looking forward to working together soon!

Transformation Challenge FAQ’s:

Q: When and where are the initial photos and measurements being taken?

A: Monday January 6th - first official day of challenge, initial body composition evaluation and before pictures (if unable to make it on Jan 6th, can makeup initial eval and pics Tues, Jan 7th). We’ll do these at ALP and will have everyone book 25 minute appointments with Adam for the initial evaluation. Please contact us for your preferred appointment times and remember, our inbody requires you to fast and avoid exercise or consuming and liquids for at least 4 hours so doing your appointment early in the morning is best. First appointment is available at 6:30am

Q: Do I have to wear a bikini for the initial photos?

A: You can wear whatever you wish - although one of the biggest regrets of previous challengers was not wearing more revealing clothing for the before photos. This is at your comfort level, but for women we recommend a two piece bathing suit (please no underwear), and for Men we recommend shorts or compression shorts (please no underwear)

Q: Will my before and after pictures be posted online?

A: Only if you allow us - there is a photo release waiver that you will may waive if you do not wish your photos to be released. And no, this does not affect your ability to win - our overall winner in 2017 did not wish to have her photos released.


Q: Do I HAVE to do the weigh ins and measurements?

A: No (and yes), nothing is ‘mandatory’ but is HIGHLY recommended - and it’s pretty hard for us to optimize our support for you if you do not partake in evaluations and other parts of the challenge

Q: I can't afford / make it to the bootcamp workouts, can I still participate in the challenge?

A: Yes, you can still participate. You're given 12 FREE classes (cannot be given to anyone must be used by participant only and have no cash value) - this is to get a good sense of how to workout safely and effectively if you're not sure. After that, you can complete the workouts on your own as we deliver digital workout programs to follow. And purchasing additional bootcamp sessions is totally optional. The discount on our classes is thrown in as a bonus and are there to encourage support with everyone training together. You are given a full gym membership so if you can't make the class times or can't afford extra, you still have full access to the gym to get your workouts in! You can do them on your own (or ask in the facebook group if anyone else wants to join that either couldn’t make a class or wants to get in an extra workout!). If you wish to participate in our group training classes you may purchase class packages in addition to the challenge enrollment at a $10 discount (almost 50% off) per session!

Q: Is this challenge just how much weight do you lose?

A: We know that if you build some muscle that’s a good thing - so we look at far more than just the body weight. Our InBody 270 medical body composition analyzer allows us to take a detailed look at your changes and analyze far more than just body weight. So definitely FAR MORE than just weight loss!!


Q: Will we be given customized workouts?

A: We will not be providing customized programs, but the workouts provided will be modifiable and scalable to specific abilities. We do offer online program design and can customize training programs accordingly to your goals and abilities if you wish. Please contact us for more details. You are also offered reduced special pricing on our adult group training classes and personal training sessions as a member of our challenge. This is a great opportunity to work with a coach or in a group to help support you, especially in the beginning, to make sure you get off to a great start and generate momentum early on!


Q: Do we have to participate in the facebook group?

A: That’s totally up to you - although it’s HIGHLY recommended. Chances are if you have a question, so does someone else. One of the highest value offers to this challenge in this facebook support group where you’ll receive answers from myself, as well as our entire staff (and other challengers!). All habits and information will be provided via the facebook group - if you do not have facebook we recommend creating a private account with restricted permissions to just log into the group for info / communication purposes.

Q: What if my friend wants to join a few weeks into the challenge?

A: Sorry no, they’ll have to wait until next year! Registration closes Wednesday January 9th (we give a few extra days for those on the fence just incase but after that, waiting until next year).


Q: How do I get the MOST out of this challenge?

A: Be active in the facebook group, if you have a question there’s a good chance a few others have the same question. Take action, daily! There will be a habit to work on every 2 weeks … if you do NOTHING else, DO THIS HABIT, and build on it each week adding new habits along the way. Do your best to make it to each prescribed workout and simply do your best! Or even ask in the facebook group if anyone else missed a workout and wants to do it together at another time (since you all have full access as general gym members to ALP-TI)

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