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Panel Video - Young Entrepreneur Professionals Essential Skills Talk - Physical and Mental Health

Ever feel like there's never enough time to fit in fitness and to work on your health?

Or ever wonder how important nutrition REALLY is to your health??

Yea, I totally hear you - life is busier than ever for nearly ALL our clients and members at ALP-TI. And these are some of the most common questions and complaints we hear from prospective clients on why they aren't where they want to be with respect to their health and well being.

I had a blast sitting on this awesome panel for the Young Entrepreneur Professionals in Hamilton and the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce speaking about these EXACT topics, and giving my strategies to the audience so they could go home and improve their health the RIGHT away!

I got to talk about physical and mental wellness heading into the winter months while the other panelists share some great tips around financial well being and also how to be a little more mindful as an entrepreneur with 'balancing' work/life.

And the awesome part - it was captured on video and I want to share it with you!!

Check out the video below for the 4 main questions I cover:

1) What strategies do I suggest when people say they just don't have the time to workout? (0:42)

2) What do I suggest/do when clients are dealing with anxiety around obesity? (11:57)

3) How important is nutrition to physical and mental well being? (15:45)

4) How important is physical intimacy speaking about more than just sex here - ie, vulnerability with others, physical touch, and especially loving physical expression towards children. (27:20)

Unfortunately the video cuts off just as I was getting into the audience's questions - and there were some really great ones - like what I do to keep myself consistent even when shit hits the fan and I'm unable to fit in my regular routine/workouts.

The response to this panel was so positive that we're working on hosting more of these panels again in early 2020 - live on facebook or at our facility - ALP Training Institute.

If you have any questions about health and fitness/wellness, reach out and let us know so we can answer them in an upcoming panel!

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