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Now Offering IV Therapy at ALP-TI with Artistry Health Inc.

We're super excited to announce our partnership with Artistry Health to provide IV's (Intravenous) nutrient delivery, and IM's (Intramuscular) injections at ALP to help optimize people's health and performance. Welcome to our #ALPfamily, Sarah!

Whether you’re looking to maximize muscle mass, accelerate fat loss, or just optimize your overall health - IV's and IM's are far more efficient and effective at replenishing vitamins and minerals than taking pills to increase energy, boost immune functioning and optimize cellular health.

Thankfully, this level of care is no longer exclusive to the hospital setting.

A fully registered and qualified nurse like Sarah can administer IVs at ALP, or even in your own home for a mobile service. She also offers a full array of beauty services like botox, microneedling and PRP treatments.

Have you had an IV before? Or have you been wondering about one for yourself? Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.

As a special start to our partnership with Artistry Health, we're covering the cost of the initial consultation fee for the next 10 people to sign up for IV therapy (save $25) 👍👍

For more information on the IVs and IMs available at ALP, please click here.

Contact us today to book your IV and or IM appointment or to find out more.

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