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Medical Body Composition Analysis Now Available at ALP Training Institute

Contrary to popular belief, the STANDARD scale is NOT the enemy. Studies now prove the more often someone weighs themselves, the more likely they are to achieve their desired weight!

However, it does only offer you ONE small piece of information (body weight) when evaluating results / health - and it might not be very valuable, especially when you feel like there's changes going on but the scale weight doesn't change very much.

With that said, we would like to introduce you to our new Medical Body Composition Analyzer - the InBody 270!

A single scan with our InBody device offers FAR more than just body weight, as with a traditional scale!!!

A scan is quick and simple to do. You'll receive a detailed printout in just seconds (soon to be available on your phone through a free app), including info on the following:

1) Body weight (very accurate and reliable, too unlike many traditional scales)

2) Body fat percentage (proven to be one of the most accurate methods in the world today)

3) Total body water (hydration levels)

4) Dry lean mass (muscles, tendons, bone, organs)

5) Total body fat (the amount of adipose tissue)

6) Segmental analysis - you will see how proportionate your left and right sides are (arms and legs in lbs) - as well as torso - and how you compare to the population average

7) Basal metabolic rate (BMR) - How many calories your body burns if you just laid in bed all day -

8) Body Mass Index (BMI) - a general measure of health used by hospitals and physicians using height and weight

9) Suggestions of muscle or fat to gain or lose based on results

10) History - the printout you receive will include your previous scores showing you a graphical representation of your progress

As you can see, it offers quite a bit more than your general standard scale weight!!

With no more guesswork, and scientifically proven to be as accurate as DEXA - the gold standard for body comp analysis - the InBody units have quickly become the GO TO in the medical space for accurately and quickly evaluating an individuals body composition.

We're very excited to be able to offer this to our members, clients, athletes, and even our local community! Yes, you can even use this device to evaluate your health even if you're not a member at ALP.

To book your first scan or to purchase a package of scans, please call us today at 289-246-9000 or email us

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