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High Performance Volleyball Evaluation & Development Clinic

The athlete's off-season is a time to identify what's working well and what needs improvement.

But the athlete needs a reliable method to know what those strengths and weaknesses are. That's where our comprehensive evaluations come in, to identify these areas and provide direction on how to improve what needs to be improved.

The goal of our 2.5hr evaluation / development clinic is simple: to increase awareness of health and performance of all participants and improve their performance in a single day!

Here's what you can expect in this 2.5 hour elite Volleyball Clinic:

  1. Comprehensive Body Composition evaluation going far beyond just height and weight

  2. Functional Movement Evaluation showing the quality of movement allowing to predict and prevent injuries before they happen

  3. Volleyball-specific Performance Evaluation to see how each athlete moves to offer some insight pertaining to their mobility, strength, and muscular imbalances (feedback will be provided after the camp to suggest what athletes should be working on to optimize health and performance)

  4. Volleyball-specific development workout designed to transfer from gym to on-court performance

  5. High Performance Evaluation Summary and Education Package (Evaluated and designed by Adam Lloyd), to be sent following the session. The summary package will summarize what was identified during the evaluation and what the athlete can work on to optimize their performance.

We want to introduce athletes to experience what high performance development and training (outside of on-court volleyball practice) looks like, and offer athletes some information on how they move in ways critical for volleyball.

This creates an opportunity for volleyball athletes to think ahead to next season by learning how to level up their game with both fitness and mindset.

This camp will be designed for athletes 13-17 years old - if you're younger or older, please contact us for info on other services / camps.

The regular price for this comprehensive evaluation and development session would be $189+hst if performed 1-on-1.

But the price for this high performance volleyball clinic is just $89+hst, saving $100 compared to doing it 1-on-1! All the benefits at less than half the cost!

Please note, this clinic is limited to 10 participants.

We're really looking forward to the opportunity to help volleyball athletes with their health and performance!

Please contact us at or 289-246-9000 with any questions you may have.


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