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High Performance Volleyball Camp

With summer quickly approaching we are excited for what's coming up in regards to our athletic programming here at ALP Training Institute.

Our owner Adam Lloyd, and Alena Reenders will be leading a High Performance Volleyball-specific evaluation camp on Saturday June 17 from 11am - 2:30pm.

Adam has been a High Performance Specialist working with some of the top athletes across the world for the past 2 decades where he specializes in identifying and delivering exactly what is needed to optimize overall health and athletic performance.

Alena is our Volleyball Specialist here at ALP-TI with her experience playing CIS volleyball for Redeemer University, and is the current U15 Coach with the Ancaster Lions Volleyball Club.

Here's what you can expect in this 2.5 hour High Performance Volleyball Camp with Adam and Alena:

  • Volleyball-specific evaluations to see how each athlete moves to offer some insight pertaining to their mobility, strength, and muscular imbalances (feedback will be provided after the camp to suggest what athletes should be working on to optimize health and performance)

  • Volleyball-specific workout designed to transfer from gym to on-court performance

  • High Performance Education seminar (led by Adam), to wrap up the 2.5 hour camp discussing mindset, nutrition, volleyball mechanics techniques, and exercise form (parents welcome to join for this section).

The goal of this camp is simple: to level up the health and performance of participants in a single day!

We want to introduce athletes to experience what high performance development and training (outside of on-court volleyball practice) looks like, and offer athletes some information on how they move in ways critical for volleyball. This creates an opportunity for volleyball athletes to think ahead to next season by learning how to level up their game with both fitness and mindset.

This camp will be designed for athletes 13-17 years old and will be limited to just 10 participants total (we plan on running multiple camps in the future, but this will likely be the only camp we run this summer).

The regular price for this comprehensive evaluation and workout would be $189+hst if performed 1-on1 (and does not include an education seminar at that cost).

The regular price for this elite High Performance Volleyball Camp is just $89+hst per person saving $100 compared to doing it 1-on-1 AND includes a free Education Seminar / Q&A with Adam!!!

Please contact us if you have any questions via email or by phone 289-246-9000.

Thank you,


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