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Hey You, Got Balance?

Hey you, athlete and adult ... got balance?? 🤷‍♂️⁣

As an athlete, if you can't maintain your balance (also known as 'stability) you're not going to perform well. ⁣

It's that simple.⁣

Once good stability is achieved among basic movements, then athletes can move onto more challenging movements. ⁣

Then once there's stability among fundamental movement patterns - which are very challenging to do PROPERLY - an athlete can add complexity like speed, load, etc.⁣

Sure many 'do' movements, like a squat, lunge, hinge, etc… but not properly with legit stability. They do it with many weaknesses leading to compensation patterns (and then injuries).⁣

Heck - that's where I started. Terrible movement patterns but was naturally strong (not fast haha). And because of that, I kept lifting heavy - it felt good - but was doing it all wrong. ⁣

Enter one injury after another when I was 14-17. I was a walking bandaid (still am somedays 🤣)⁣

But right now - with a forced modified lifestyle that's provided time to apply our attention to new things - is a great opportunity to work on your weaknesses.⁣

Here's a fundamental drill (hinge movement = RDL) I used to struggle with big time!!⁣ Click the link for the video on youtube

Single leg balance and multi planar movement = critical in ALL sports AND life!!⁣

It's where most non-contact injuries happen in both sports and life (and lead to many contact related injuries too).⁣

If you're an athlete that wants to play at your best, this is crucial!! It's where everyone of our athletes begin when they train with us. ⁣

Want to know more or work with me and my team at @alptraining_institute?? ⁣

Send me a message today or email for more info on my Virtual Athletic Development Program currently running now - 4 weeks remaining, for athletes ages 14+ and private groups for pro-elite athletes aged 18+.⁣

You don't need a gym, tons of equipment or a huge space. I'll customize a training program and nutrition guide to follow while at home and my coaches will coach you live online via Zoom based workouts 👌⁣

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