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2017 Hamilton Spectator Reader's Choice Awards

Thank you to everyone who voted for us this year!!

We couldn't be more proud of our team for all their hard work and dedication. They truly deserve these awards!

Hamilton Spectator Reader's Choice Awards

It's been a great first year for the #ALPfamily. We're grateful for the friendships made, the accomplishments achieved, the growth moments experienced, and so much more!

We get to work with a wide range of people - from youth to professional athletes, office workers, 9-5'ers, executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, retirees, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and more.

Winning awards like this is just icing on the cake for us, but we take pride in the recognition because we genuinely care about what we do, helping people live a more active lifestyle to improve their performance.

Here's a full list of all Hamilton Spectator Reader's Choice awards won this year by both the business as a whole, and individual awards:

Platinum (1st Overall)

- Life Coaching

- Personal Trainer - Tori Woodfine

Diamond (2nd Overall)

- Best Fitness Club (co-ed)

- Best Boot Camp

Gold (3rd Overall)

- Best New Business

- Weight Control Services

- Personal Trainer - Ryan French

Top 10

- Best Customer Service

- Kinesiologist - Adam Lloyd

- Life Coach - Adam Lloyd

- Fitness Instructor - Adam Lloyd, Barry Vincent, Spencer Barlow

- Personal Trainer - Adam Lloyd, Barry Vincent, Spencer Barlow

Not bad for our first year! Excited to see what this second year will bring!

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