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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update at ALP Training Institute

We’ve entered a new age in the world today - unprecedented behaviour and actions that people haven’t seen and probably will not see again in this lifetime!!!

And with that, comes BIG responsibility from and difficult decisions from leaders in our health and fitness industries.

To ensure we are able to maintain our social distancing practices at ALP-TI - ALL NEW MEMBER TRIALS ARE SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY.

This is very unfortunate and hard for us to do - but in order to ensure we can maintain our social distancing, we believe this is a necessary step to maintain the safety of our employees and our members.

We have been following the CDC (center of Disease Control) by the hour and are in close contact with some of the top medical professionals in the country regarding the spread and concerns of COVID-19.

There have been no forced closures at this time - and until we are forced to close and the recommendations from our medical friends change - we will remain open for our #ALPfamily. Should this change we will inform you asap!

To do our part, We have:

  • Stepped up our already industry leading cleaning practices and facility hygiene.

  • Suspended ALL trials to limit the influx of new members to ALP-TI

  • Suspended all team training at this time with groups larger than 12.

  • Screening clients and members for travel / symptoms and are kindly but strictly removing anyone displaying signs of symptoms (including current members and staff)

  • Cancelled our “bring your 14+ child in for a workout week” for march break

  • Although the CDC is recommending gathering of over 50 people be prohibited - we are keeping our facility to NO MORE than 30 members / clients (including staff) at one time!!

One of the best parts about ALP-TI is that we’ve ALWAYS limited the number of memberships sold to ensure our facility isn’t over crowded - so this is nothing new for us - although we will be very tight on this for the foreseeable future.

With the closure of multiple big box gyms happening today - there has been a HUGE increase in new member inquiries.

However, due to the outbreak and recommendations of no more than 50 people in close proximity - we’ve suspended ALL trials until further notice in an effort to flatten the curve and maintain our Safe and Sound culture for our #ALPfamily members, clients and teammates!

If you have any questions please contact us by phone at 289-246-9000, email or message us on social media @ALPTraining_Institute

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