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ALP 2.0 Hype Video, by Anthony Aoanan

Back in October when ALP moved into it's new home, one of our #ALPfamily members asked if there was anything he could to do help.

Knowing he's taken up videography and photography as a passion, I thought - what better way to capture ALP vibes then having our own members that know our community and culture take lead on the project.

So I asked Anthony if he would mind capturing a raw and real morning at ALP - no script, no props - just people and passion.


The video below, is ALL Anthony Aoanan!!!!

The only 3 instructions I gave him, were:

1) have fun with it

2) please don't make it about me

3) make it about our #ALPfamily, our culture, and make sure it motivates anyone who watches it 👌👌

This video was shot Friday morning on December 18th 2020, just before the 2nd lockdown began. Nothing was planned, just a raw and real morning at ALP - and it's the result of what happens when talent, passion and amazing humans are combined 🔥🔥🔥

It captures the energy and essence of our #ALPfamily working hard to achieve a common goal regardless of age, size or ability - self improvement and achievement 💪

As the owner and leader of ALP - I'm incredibly grateful for our awesome #ALPfamily members like Anthony donating their expertise to help ... and all our members and staff (both in this video and not) dedicating their energy and efforts to delivering excellence, everyday!

This is the definition our ALP Community!!

For you're viewing pleasure, tap below to enjoy Anthony's masterpiece 👍👍 Let us know how you like it in the comments below!!

I cannot wait to see you all again filling ALP with your energy and crushing your workouts - this lockdown can't and will not keep us down for long!

Thanks Anthony, you're the Man!!!

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