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ALP-TI's 2017 Fall Qualifier Weightlifting Meet

On October 7th 2017, we hosted our first official Weightlifting Meet at ALP-TI. It was such an awesome day full of great performances from the athletes competing and support from so many members and spectators. Here's an awesome promo video capturing the day's memories shot by Michael Rukavina and Vinh Ngo (edited by Michael Rukavina).

So grateful to see all the love and support at ALP-TI for our first official event, our future is very bright because of this supportive and community based culture #ALPfamily

Big thanks to all the athletes who put on a great show and to all our volunteers making this day possible 💙

Our team is very young but VERY talented. We just sent 10 team members to the Fall Classic this past weekend where everyone represented the team with class and quality! 3 gold medals (John Florento, Erin Lambert, Kevin Kasik), 1 silver (Frank Longo), 1 bronze (Nikkie Quero), and 1 National qualifier (Jana Brown).

Congrats everyone!!

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