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ALP's Moving to a New Home - 505-A Woodward Avenue

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Dear #ALPfamily Members and Local Community,

There’s no words adequate to describe the magnitude of what has happened over the past 5-6 months since Covid-19 took a stranglehold on the world as we knew it.

From businesses to families, governments, stock markets, health care and everything in between - 2020 has seen our world turned upside down!

Throughout it all, even though we got to see many of our members online, we couldn't stop thinking about how excited we were to get back to in person services!

And it's been so awesome seeing roughly 95% of our members back in action at ALP-TI - and also many new amazing people that have joined us since reopening.

But there has been something else we've been battling, long before Covid began, and this announcement will likely come as a shock to many of you just like it was for us!

It’s been an AMAZING 4 years at 2824 Barton St. E with all our #ALPfamily members and teammates building one of THE nicest gyms and strongest communities many said they have ever seen.

But now - we’re both incredibly sad and yet very excited to announce we will be leaving our beautiful facility that we created at 2824 Barton Street and are moving to a new home SEPTEMBER 30TH!

Our new home will be 505 Woodward Avenue - Unit A, and we can't wait to show it to you all!

The 100% transparent truth is that our relationship with the new landlord of our beautiful space did not work out for various reasons and has made it pragmatically impossible to continue operating our business model as we need to be successful.

We've been working hard behind the scenes and did our best to continue operating our business, but now it's brought me face to face with the most difficult decision I’ve ever made in my life.

After 16 years in the industry all of which as an entrepreneur - I truly believe moving to a new location is the best solution to allow us to:

  1. Deliver what we are the very best at - Personal & Semi Private Training / Private gym memberships and hybrid online / in-person offerings with an exclusive world class facility for elite athletes and peak performing humans and continue as the leaders in health and fitness / sport performance fields.

  2. Take GREAT care of our people - which has been dramatically affected in 2020 both because of Covid and extreme distractions.

What does this mean for you - our highly valued members and local community looking to join us for personal training or an open membership.

Group Training will change moving into our new facility. For now, classes continue and we encourage our current members to enjoy as many classes prior to the end of September. New members can come for drop ins ($25+hst) until Sept 26th. Contact us today

  • After the move, our "Adult Group Training Classes" will become "Semi Private Personal Training". Moving to a more customized and private model like our renowned Athletic Development Programs - contact us for more information

Open Gym Members, for now nothing changes until Sept 30th.

  • Our members will enjoy key fob access, earlier and later workout times Monday through Sunday (5am - 11pm) and a private facility with a very limited number of memberships sold.

  • Members will continue to have free access to our digital portal including workout programs, nutrition resources and mental training strategies.

Personal Training clients - no changes just a new facility as of Sept 30th with modified packages with more inclusions and flexibility (to be announced)


I'm excited for our model to be transitioning to a more private and exclusive one, without "walk in" access unless you are a member.

Although we will still have nearly everything we have now, there will be less of it as the square footage of the new facility is smaller than our current.

For some members / clients, we know this will be no issue - if anything even better for their commute as it’s super easy access off both the red hill and the qew and there will be key fob access for significantly more convenience.

For others, it might be a big area of frustration - ie, Restrictions opening up, finally able to train inside again - and now we’re moving. It’s like things are finally coming back to normal and then we announce this - and for this, I’m truly very sorry!

Although we know this comes as a shock to everyone (us included), we’re incredibly grateful for the experience and relationships gained these past 4 years with you all and we’re excited for the next 4 years of experiences and relationships to continue to progress, just like your health and performance!

With immense gratitude, heavy sadness, and extreme excitement for the future - I would sincerely like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you and our teammates over the years.

Without our amazing staff over the years, and every one of our awesome #ALPfamily members - indeed ALP would not be what it is today!

I thank each and every one of our members and teammates for your amazing support these past 4 years allowing me to live out my dream thus far.

Now, just as one amazing door closes another amazing door is revealed for us to open up on Oct 1st 2020!!

Thank you,

Adam Lloyd

Founder, Owner & CEO

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