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2018 Summer Off-Season Hockey Development

We’re excited to announce that this is our 10th summer running our Elite Off-Season Hockey Development program. We LOVE helping athletes exceed their limits and reach their true potential so it's safe to say that the hockey off-season is one of our favourite times of year!

NEW THIS YEAR: We’ll be running a 2 Day On-Ice Evaluation Camp on June 1st (6:30 - 7:30pm) and 2nd (9-10am) at Gateway Arena for players ages 13-plus. Throughout the camp, we'll be videotaping and evaluating players. Friday, we'll evaluate players' forward skating, backward skating, edge-work and change of direction / agility, while Saturday our focus is on various shot release work. Players will receive high definition film of their evaluation, included within the cost of the 2 day camp, to be used as you wish. Additional options include a detailed film evaluation, report, and summer training suggestions by ALP Hockey.

The cost for the 2 day evaluation and basic videos is $99.99 while the cost for both the 2 day evaluation and detailed film report is $199.99 (taxes not included). The maximum number of players we'll be allowing to register is 16.

Act fast before all the spots are reserved! If interested, contact us today to register at (289) 246-9000, as spots will fill up very quickly!

Our on-ice component throughout the off-season will include this 2 day evaluation camp, development skates that gel perfectly with our strength and conditioning program (contact for more details), and a 5 day High Performance Camp early August including food, training, treatment, on ice development sessions, mental training sessions, and more - to optimally prepare OHL and Pro’s for their upcoming season (with time to recover before their main camps)!

It’s going to be a VERY exciting off-season for our local hockey players!!

Our 12 week Junior program (ages 14*-15+) officially kicks off June 4th with orientation week that includes detailed body composition analysis, nutritional analysis, functional movement screens, performance evaluations, and much more. Our 2 day on-ice evaluation camp is OPTIONAL for our Summer Hockey Program. Yes, players can register for our on-ice evaluation and not enroll for our Summer Hockey Program.

Click here to have a look at what our players have said about the program in the past. Lead by our Owner and Director of High Performance Adam Lloyd, who has over 14 years of experience working with elite athletes, our program includes everything an athlete needs to optimize their off-season development.

Join one of Canada’s most comprehensive development programs, trusted by hundreds of elite hockey players over the past decade all around the world!

Contact us today to register, or for more details!

* Players at the age of 14 are what we call the "cusp" player. If they have no previous experience with strength and conditioning work, they may be required to enroll in our youth program to ensure they optimize their development whereas a 14 year old that moves well, and has some experience will be allowed to enroll in our Junior program, previously reserved for ages 15+.

Here's a quick video from last summer evaluating a few of our pro-elite guys - Nick Caamano, Johnny Kovacevic, and Liam Stevens

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