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2018 Climb For Cancer

As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. And while some journeys are immeasurable, every step matters in trying to reach its end.

This Saturday, we at ALP Training Institute, along with the Hamilton community, ask you to make that step with us towards a better future for those suffering with cancer.

At Tim Hortons Field, Climb for Cancer will host its 12th annual stair climb in support of the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.

Year after year, our community gathers in smiles and support for a cause that has affected us all. For some, it may not be direct, but, through the people we meet, the stories we hear, and the compassion we feel, cancer has, in someway, impacted us all on an individual scale.

This is how Brian Humphrey sees it. A man who preaches the course of a healthy and active lifestyle to those in his surrounding community, Brian took his view of cancer’s mountainous impacts and founded Climb for Cancer. His vision: a community coming together to climb the stairs in support of families, friends, and strangers climbing their own mountain.

Having raised over $800,000 since it’s 2007 start, Climb for Cancer has become a staple in the city’s calendar, bringing the active-lifestyle community together for a multitude of reasons. Climb for your loved ones or climb for your friends. Climb for your health or climb to improve your performance. But, regardless of your reason, we ask that you climb and contribute one more step to this ongoing journey.

If you would like to join our team and climb this weekend, please click here. Our team climb time is 10:30am, but if you can't make that time you're able to climb at another time, still as a part of our ALP Team.

Can't make it this Saturday morning, but still want to support the cause? Please click here to donate now (tax receipts will be issued via email).

Thank you for your support, hope to see you Saturday!!

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