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CHCH Business Excellence Awards

You know, I think people (ourselves included) forget that we’ve only been open for a year and a half but in that time the “ALP” brand has become synonymous with health, wellness, performance, excellence, and community in Hamilton!!

We believe in challenging the status quo of the fitness industry, especially in our local community, and aim to help people live a more active lifestyle and improve performance.

The awards we have thus far been honored to receive, and the ones we hope to earn down the road, are a huge part of growing our brand and helping us reach more of the community.

Having only settled in our Stoney Creek home not even 2 year ago, it feels surreal to announce that we (business and staff collectively) have already won 23 awards from both the Hamilton News and Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice Awards, including Best New Business, Best Fitness Club, Best Customer Service, and more! We’ve also been ranked top 3 by Three Best Rated, and Hey Gyms for over 16 months (we’ve been open for 18).

We’re currently nominated for 5 CHCH Business Excellence Awards, a new award category for 2018. Voting is now open (see easy voting links below) and by the time voting closes on March 31st, we here at ALP-TI hope our amazing family, friends, and clients will show the rest of the community that we are setting a standard in health and fitness by helping us win a few more awards including:






You can vote once per day, per email address!! Feel free to save this page to your phone’s home screen for quick and easy repeat voting or come back to this link to make repeat voting easy. While we don’t love this repeat voting ability, “in order to excel at a game you must understand the rules and play them to your advantage.”

While some businesses rely on staff of over a few hundred to vote, we are a staff of 9!! We NEED the support of our friends and #ALPfamily members to win awards like this which makes each and every single one of them that much more valuable to us! It proves to us we’re setting the standard for fitness businesses of the future.

For us, this standard is unparalleled private, semi-private, and group training, a clean state-of-the-art facility, and a very welcoming, supportive environment that encourages an active lifestyle and improving performance.

Leading this standard is ALP-TI’s owner and CEO Adam Lloyd. Adam’s individual awards won in the past - along with being the captain of this ship and leading us to all these business award nominations - are evidence of his dedication to helping others “exceed their limits and reach their true potential”, the slogan he’s lived by for over a decade and one we share at ALP-TI!

We truly could not have earned this kind of recognition without the support of our #ALPfamily and for that, all of us at ALP-TI want to say, “Thank You.”

Remember, for fast and easy voting please visit the links listed above. Please note, everyone is allowed one vote, per award, per email address, per day!!

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