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How to get the most out of your sleep

Even if you don’t eat very well, while you may be a little or very overweight, you can still expect to live around 65-75 years. But if you don’t sleep, you’ll likely only last a few weeks at best. Last time I checked the Guinness World Record for sleep deprivation is just 11 days. So yes, among MANY other reasons, sleep is essential to optimal health and survival. And yet, most busy professionals like celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and university students sleep less than ever before? WHY? Although many of us may feel that work demands a lot of our attention or that we can’t get our brains to shut off, the real reason for lack of sleep is rarely long work hours or physiologic abnormalities. Instead, indeed most people lose sleep due to voluntary bedtime delay.

We sleep less because WE CHOOSE TO!

We have many clients at ALP-TI that fall into these traps and we teach and guide them through specific strategies (outlined here) that provide significant benefits to the individual (and their significant other). Ever tried living with someone that sleeps 3 hours per night? Doesn't usually equate to a “good morning”. Thus, finding a suitable sleeping strategy needs to be part of your healthy living and good nutrition routine. We live in a busy world, but it’s our choice whether we’re a victim of it.

Click here for the rest of the article I wrote for The Saverina Scozzari Collective that includes a list of 8 factors contributing to sleep quality and my BONUS tip to help you get the most out of your sleep! Hint, it will help with much more than just your sleep quality!!!

We cut back on sleep because WE CHOOSE TO!

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