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A message from our Owner
Adam Lloyd

We love working with local businesses and helping their owners and employees eat, exercise, and think smarter so they can optimize their performance and live a more fulfilling, healthy and successful life! 

When I'm asked how to improve the success of a business, one of the first things I suggest is, “Healthier and more engaged employees lead to healthier and more successful businesses. By investing in your employee’s health, you’re not only doing a great thing, but will also help your organization be more productive and successful.”

It’s no secret anymore. The research has clearly shown that an unhealthy individual’s lifestyle choices result in substantially lower productivity in the workplace. Employees with an unhealthy diet were 2-3 times more likely to report having experienced a loss in mental focus, energy, happiness, and productivity than those who regularly engaged in healthier lifestyle choices!

I'm so passionate about this - I've decided to offer 15% off our exclusive gym memberships to our award winning facility in Hamilton (2824 Barton Street East), to our friends and selected local businesses to help improve the heath of our local businesses employees, owners, and bottom lines! (some conditions apply).

The best part - for most business folk they either go first thing in the morning or around lunch hour - our gym is often very quiet at these times. We do run multiple programs through the morning and evening - but from 6am - 8am the gym is very quiet and from 11am - 4pm, pretty quiet again. 

We even offer various corporate wellness programs that go far beyond just employees losing weight, eating a few more veggies, and doing some push ups. We believe in taking a more detailed and holistic approach to health, wellness, and productivity by working on easy to implement daily habits both at the workplace and at home. This approach to a more active lifestyle with a focus on performance is the core of our business and is literally what A.L.P. stands for! From lunch and learn talks, to team building / strategy sessions, to corporate memberships and corporate coaching, if you're thinking about investing in the health and performance of your employees we would love to discuss some options!

Please take advantage of this awesome deal and save 15% on our regular priced Exclusive Gym Memberships. 

Feel free to contact us at or 289-246-9000 for more info or if you have any questions or would like more info on any services we offer! 


Thank you,


Adam Lloyd

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