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2020 Transformation Challenge Winners Announced!!!

Our 2020 Transformation Challenge is officially complete!! The final numbers have been tabulated and final pictures completed and votes have been counted.

So proud of everyone for all their hard work these past few months - especially this past month with all the uncertainty and craziness going on! A time when our world is facing one of it's greatest challenges in a long time - our challengers didn't let that stop them and completed a very impressive 3 month lifestyle challenge!

Everyone won in my books!!! Ya I know I say this every year, and ya it’s cliche, but every year it's absolutely true!

The effort given, friendships made, results earned, knowledge gained ... This was an awesome 3 months and I'm grateful for the opportunity to coach you all alongside my teammates Barry, Nick, Zach and Danny!


After the dust settled, here’s how things wrapped up:

In 3rd Place, congratulations to AJ Passmore!! Third place was SUPER tough!!! It was so close among the final 4 finalists! AJ and his Wife Elise joined the challenge to focus on their health so they could maximize their chances of getting pregnant together and voila - in February they found out they were pregnant! Super awesome news but also life was now about to flip upside down which can be a pretty tough challenge. AJ doubled down at that point and achieved amazing results after this point where as many might have tossed it in all together. And AJ managed to lose almost 20lbs in 3 months, without even dropping a full 1 pound of muscle and shaved off almost 12 inches!

3rd Place Prize Package = $125 value!! - 1 Month gym membership + $25 ALP bucks


In 2nd Place, congratulations to Katie Wignall!! Again this one was SUPER close with our overall winner!! Katie has done an incredible job the past 3 months making a HUGE shift in her lifestyle after just having her 2nd baby in the past 3 years! She started this challenge strong and finished off even stronger with a new found confidence and motivation for action and health, not to mention dropping an almost 8% body fat and whopping 18 INCHES in just 3 months!!! She’s even got her daughter working out with her at home and is passing off the habits she’s learned in the challenge to her Daughter and family members. Leaders creating leaders - love it!

2nd Place Price Package = $250 value!! - 3 Months Gym Membership (OR) 1 month UNLIMITED membership including access to ALL our adult group training classes AND a general gym membership + $25 ALP Bucks


So damn proud to announce our 1st place winner of our 2020 Transformation Challenge - Mark Cunningham!! Without a doubt, our overall winner is the epitome of what this challenge is all about. It’s not a weight loss challenge - it’s a “Lifestyle Transformation” - although weight loss is a very nice side effect of this.

Every week, like your favorite TV show, Mark was in the gym putting in work and asking (a few) questions :) But never the same question - Mark asked, and applied the answer and saw the results - time and time again, day after day and week after week!

Mark added strength training to the running he was already doing and he now says he feels better than ever. He now warms up before runs and cools down after, and hits 3 resistance workouts each week! He's more mindful now about his portion sizes and says he just followed the habits we worked on throughout the challenge

Mark dropped 25lbs of body fat, gained 4lbs of muscle, dropped 7.7% body fat and dropped 13 inches!! He was 1st among 4 of the 5 quantifiable measurements we cover in our measurement criteria.

Mark completely changed his life - from the way he eats, thinks, and exercises - he’s now looking, feeling and performing better than he ever imagined and feels happier than he remembers in a very long time. This is the definition of a lifestyle transformation and we couldn’t be more happier and proud for Mark and all he’s accomplished, especially these past 3 months together! Congrats Mark, you’ve earned the title of our overall Transformation Challenge winner this year and our 1st place prize!!!

1st Place = over $1600 value!! - 6 Months UNLIMITED membership including access to ALL our adult group training classes AND a general gym membership for 6 months + 5 Personal Training sessions + $50 ALP Bucks

GREAT GREAT GREAT job by all the winners, finalists, and each competitor in the challenge!

And HUGE shout outs to our other finalists!!!

Katie Wilson, for crushing it a second year in a row after being our top overall winner last year she had AMAZING results again this year hitting a total of 100lbs lost since last year and NO DOUBT wins the best booty gains of ANYONE in the challenge!!

Holly Rispin was away on holidays for 2 weeks, then got sick and couldn't make it in to the gym for a week and then this pandemic took a hold of us all - but she kept plugging away like the rest of our challengers and achieved some amazing results!!!

And Amilah Baksh made some super impressive shifts in her lifestyle to maintain consistency and focus on progress over perfection making HUGE progress over the 3 months and dropping a whopping 14 inches overall!!!

And Mercedes Wilson achieved her goal of GAINING muscle during this challenge while reducing her body fat by 3% - AT AGE 65!!!!!! Such an inspiration to so many of our members!

Congrats again to the winners, we’ll touch base with you this week to get you all set up with your prizes :) All of which will be able to be transferred to online options should the gym be forced to remain closed much longer!!!

Thank you all so much! It’s been amazing getting to know you all more and I’m excited to see you all continue on your health and performance journey!

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