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Starting October 21st, take your fitness and physique to the next level with coaching and support from our Senior Performance and Lifestyle Coach, Barry Vincent, who has successfully helped hundreds of Men lose fat and build muscle over the past 7 years!! From nutrition guides, to effective workouts designed to quickly lose body fat and build some serious muscle - this guy is walking book of knowledge and is excited to give you the tools you need to succeed!

8 Weeks Semi-Private Personal Training AND Online Coaching = $797+hst


8 Weeks ONLINE ONLY $297+hst

* Registration Closes October 18th at midnight

Quick Program Overview

Nutrition Coaching

 - Individualized digital meal guide and tracker monitored daily with online support

- Habits tailored to individual needs to optimize results

- Precision Nutrition Level 1 & 2 certified coaches with over a decade experience

Weekly Accountability Checkups

- Weekly check-ins with a coach to see what's holding you back from optimizing your health and performance. Includes training programs, nutrition guides, tracking and accountability check-ins, and lifestyle habits to optimize health.

Lifestyle Management Tips / Habits

- There are fundamental habits a healthy lifestyle requires, we're going to give them to you on a silver platter and teach you how to ingrain them in your life!

- Semi-Private workouts Mon and Thurs 8-9am

- Individualized workout program (tailored to your goals) including tracking sheets to monitor progress. Online program includes video demonstrations for each exercise, weekly check-ins via email, review exercise video to assess performance, program updated every 4 weeks

Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching changes lives. 

We're grateful to have changed the lives of thousands of clients over the past decade and with the convenience of the internet, we're now able to help thousands more.

We've worked with clients of all types; from professional athletes to  extremely busy executives, aspiring fitness competitors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, youth athletes, sports teams, corporate wellness clientele ... to busy Guy's trying to learn how to be a new dad and still keep their job while not losing all their fitness!! 


One common outcome for all of our clients, is success!


They improve their overall health, body composition, and energy levels.

You see, we're a team of driven and passionate high performance professionals dedicated to helping every client of ours live a more active lifestyle to optimize their performance.

We understand there are many people our there that in-person training services do not work for them. We're excited for the opportunity to help you achieve the health and body you want, today!

No more waiting around. No more skipping workouts. No more debating it.

Here's a few of our participants from previous programs

* Registration Closes October 18th at midnight

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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