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15 Minute Daily Challenge

  • 7Days


If you've been struggling with daily energy levels or losing weight ... this challenge is perfect for you!! With just 15 minutes of exercise each day you can expect your daily energy levels to rise and maybe even kickstart some weight loss. The challenge = an additional 15 minutes of 'purposeful physical activity' to your normal daily routine. This can be: - 15 min walk - 15 min stretching - 15 min body weight circuit Get creative and do 15 minutes of something purposeful each day for the next 7 days!! Head over to our owner's YouTube channel - for exercise ideas!! Or join our ALP Community today for access to our Member Portal with full workout routines to follow. It's the consistency that builds momentum, and before you know it the 15 minute daily activity goal will soon turn into 30 or 60 minutes (maybe even longer) and in just a short 7 days... your daily energy levels will be through the roof and (if you're doing well with nutrition and other lifestyle habits), will likely notice a nice little drop in body fat too!

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