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Available by pre-order only. Please allow 3 business days to fullfill the order once payment is received. Orders can be picked up at 505-A Woodward Avenue, Hamilton Ont, by appointment. We will contact you to set up a pickup time upon receiving your order.


Ingredients: dates, protein isolate, natural peanut butter, crisped rice, organic virgin coconut oil organic ground flax seed, semi-sweet chocolate, organic honey, organic cinnemon.


Calorie / Macro Info:

Calories = ~300

Protein = 22g

Carbohydrates = 30g

Fat = 10g

Protein Bar (box of 10) - Preorder Only

Excluding GST/HST
  • Number one common review from customers:

    "This is the best protein bar I've ever had"

    We'll take it 👍👍

    Packed with all organic and natural ingredients (the protein isolate powder is the most processed ingredient), our ALP Probar is one of the healthiest calorie for calorie protein bars on the market, and our customers say "it's the best tasting too"!

    Calories - 300 kcal

    Protein - 22g

    Fat - 10g

    Carb - 29g

  • 100% date puree, whey protein isolate (allmax isoflex vanilla), natural peanut butter, organic ground flax seeds, crisped rice, organic virgin coconut oil, chocolate chips, organic honey, cinnamon, *sea salt

    * only on sea salt flavored bars

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