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November 29, 2019

Take advantage one of the ONLY times of the year we discount anything at ALP!! 


You see, we're a small business competing against the giants out there with million dollar marketing budgets - we rely on our one of a kind training facility and ability to maintain our valid price points by consistently delivering an awesome experience for our members and clients.


We can't outsell the giants, but we can out perform them! 


We aren't your typical - 50% off kinda place, to be honest any fitness facility offering rock bottom pricing is probably suffering from rock bottom, and unlikely going to be in business for too long.


It's just simple business and math nothing personal. 


But a few times of the year, we like to give some extra value with our memberships, services, and products! Mainly as a thank you to our current members that have been with us for years - but also to help sway those on the fence with taking action to join us at ALP.


So here's 5 extra value deals this Black Friday for anyone that's been: (see image below for m