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2019 ALP Transformation Challenge

December 10, 2018



With a new year upon us everyone starts thinking of new year’s resolutions and sets their goals for the next 12 months. Then a few weeks into the new year the road to their goals becomes a reality and they veer off track pretty quickly.


Successful people do something a little, though. They keep the decisions simple and commit to something that is actually proven to WORK.  


Here’s what our our overall winner last year had to say about her experience:


“This whole experience was just amazing. After having my third baby I needed something new and different from what I had done before and this ALP transformation challenge was it.


At the beginning I was super nervous when getting my measurements and  pictures taken, however that quickly changed with how welcomed I felt by the owner and the staff there.

ALP has super knowledgeable trainers and a very well organized program, it made me feel at ease. Looked forward to coming in every Tuesday and Thursday night for bootcamp class. I’ve learned so many new things along the way, like how to properly fuel my body and being mindful of how fast, how much, and what I should eat.

I have gotten way better with my form when doing exercises, all because I was consistently supported by the amazing trainers.

I feel much stronger, have seen many non scale victories and I have much more energy than before and spending active time with my kids is much easier now.

This challenge and the programs offered at ALP are absolutely the best.”

Natalija S - lost 26 pounds of Fat, GAINED 4 pounds of muscle, lost 9.4% body fat - and totally changed her life!

Our transformation challenge has been proven to work great for our participants year after year. No, we can’t do the work for you that’s your responsibility. But if you show up. If you try. If you follow the habits taught throughout the program and customize them to your life as you’ll be shown, you will be successful in making change in your life.

The workouts, lessons and habits in our program are designed and delivered by our Owner, Adam Lloyd. With over 15 years experience helping people lose we