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2018 Hamilton News Reader's Choice Awards

April 19, 2018

We're grateful for the support and recognition we've received from the local community for the Hamilton News Reader's Choice Awards! We haven't even turned 2 yet, and today, we've won a total of 27 awards collectively across all reader's choice and business award categories! 



This year, we were lucky enough to claim an award in each category we were nominated for for the Hamilton News Reader's Choice! 


Here's the full list of the Business Awards won: https://readerschoice.hamiltonnews.com/n/106978-alp-training-institute 


Awards include:

Diamond (1st) - Weight Loss Clinic in Best Business/Service

Diamond (1st) - Sports Development/Training in Best Entertainment/Sports/Arts

Platinum (2nd) - Fitness Club in Best Business/Service

Platinum (2nd) - Boot Camp in Best Entertainment/Sports/Arts

Platinum (2nd) - Customer Service in Best Business/Service