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Boxing Week Sales at ALP-TI

December 22, 2017




We’re in the giving mood this year and are giving away some pretty HUGE DEALS!!!


BOGO 25% OFF on almost EVERYTHING we offer!!! For those of you who know us at ALP-TI, we rarely discount our services so to offer deals this big is a pretty big deal! 


These sales will only be available Dec 26th - 29th!!! Take advantage before they're gone.


See the list of deals below:



BOGO 25% Off - General Gym Memberships - MUST be 2 people, purchasing same duration membership

  • Ie. 1 person purchases a 12 month gym membership at regular price, second 12 month membership is 25% off!! Does NOT have to be living at the same address, so yes, if you have a friend that wants to join the #ALPfamily too, then take advantage of our best price of the year and join before the deal is gone!


BOGO 25% - Off Personal Training - BOGO (25%) off - minimum 12 at regular rate and receive the next 12 at 25% off. This is the best time to committ to working wtih our award winning coaches at a discounted rate!

  • We offer 3, 6, and 12 month personal training packages including anywhere from 24 (3 month package training 2 times per week), up to 144 sessions (12 month package training 3 times per week, with a few weeks planned rest / holiday). All our Personal Training Packages include a full gym membership to ALP-TI.

  • Example Minimum Package - 24 sessions total (ie 3 months training 2 times per week) = 12 sessions at regular rate ($85each) + 12 sessions at 25% off ($63.75each)

    • Save $255 before taxes on minimum package (ie 24 sessions 3 month training package)

    • Total Minimum BOGO Package Price = $1020 (12x@85) + $765(12x$63.75) = $1785 + hst

    • Total Regular Price = 24 x $85 = $2040 + hst

    • * Can purchase any number of sessions desired, up to a maximum of a 1 year expiry (meaning all sessions must be used within 1 year).

    • Save over $1000 on our maximum duration package!!


BOGO 25% Off - Semi-Private Personal Training Packages - same minimums of 12 at regular and 12 at 25% off. * Can purchase up to 48 total tandem sessions (2 people training together) or semi-private sessions (3-4 people training together). Must be bought with another person. Contact for pricing (ranges from $40 - $55 per person per session).


BOGO 25% Off - Weightlifting Training Packages - Minimums cut down to 8 at regular $85 + hst & 8 @ 25% off (16 total sessions). * Can purchase any number of sessions desired, up to a maximum of a 1 year expiry (meaning all sessions must be used within 1 year). If you've been thinking about learning the sport of weightlifting or taking your skills to a new level, our multi-record holding Head Weightlifting Coach John Florento is lookin