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ALPfamily's Kettlebell Swing Challenge for Mental Health

November 25, 2017

All we can say is WOW!!!!  


What a great message this is coming from the active lifestyle apparel brand RYU Apparel Inc. Their #RYUonemorerep for mental health campaign inspired our kettlebell challenge last night and we're so happy we were able to be a part of their global campaign! 


So many of us are going through things no one knows about. We believe in inspiring them to realize they're not alone, and that they're capable of more than they believe when they're feeling down, lost or defeated. 


Everyone had a blast raising awareness for mental health and exceeding their limits. We would ask how many someone believed they would complete and generally got an answer that ended up being less than half of what they did once they started swinging with a purpose and support.


Imagine, just for a minute, everyone struggling with mental health was able to achieve more than double (sometimes triple) of what they believed they could achieve.... could you imagine?


38 awesome people participated in the event and completed a HUGE total of 7798 swings!!!! Some did just a few in passing by whil