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An Intimate Workshop Designed to Teach You How to Train with, and Recovery from Injuries, AND how to

Courtney Sanders providing a manual therapy treatment


WHEN: Wednesday January 23 @ 7 - 830pm

WHERE: ALP Training Institute (2824 Barton Street East, Stoney Creek, L8E2J9

WHY: Because you want to live and perform at your best without limitations and don't have time to be held back by nagging injuries

COST: FREE for current ALP members and clients at ALP / $25 + hst non member paid at the door - We accept credit card - (no AMEX), visa debit, e-transfer


Finally, an intimate semi-private workshop designed to discuss the facts around injuries and actually teach how to prevent, rehab, and train with injuries.

We've been talking about offering this workshop for a long time. We're so grateful to have helped so many in our local community be able to recover from injuries, train around injuries, and help prevent injuries before they even show up. Now, we're super excited to share our knowledge with more of our members and our local community!

Remember, pain is the LAST stage in dysfunction - so just because something doesn't hurt yet, doesn't mean there isn't something worth giving attention to.

We'll talk about the common causes of injuries - there's really only TWO major causes of injuries, and we'll discuss them in detail taking a look at how to recognize the signs and what you can do about them.

Being in a high performance gym and working with thousands of elite athletes over my career, you'd like I'd see a LOT of training related injuries - and yet we really don't. And yet - recent research shows that the most dangerous place (with respect to sustaining injury) for Firefighters, Police, and Athletes etc. WAS THE GYM - mostly due to incorrect and/or dangerous training methods.

Just think about that - most first responders are hurt in the gym than in the line of duty!! More athletes get hurt in the gym than on the field. This is a BIG problem that needs to stop!

Join us Wednesday January 23rd from 7-8:30pm where we'll dive into the cause of most injuries, how you can prevent them from happening / getting worse, how to recover once you do sustain an injury, and how to continue training when you are dealing with an injury.

The goal of this workshop is to help people improve their ability to live a healthier, more active and high performance lifestyle.

In this workshop you'll learn:

- why/how common and uncommon injuries happen - how to best prevent injuries

- how to best rehab the most common injuries - what role does nutrition play in preventing and recovering from injuries - how can manual therapy help in preventing and rehabbing injuries - how you can continue to train and maintain progress while recovering from injury

- and much more!

While workshops like this normally cost $100 or more easily, we want to keep the costs low and information of the highest quality, so this will only be a 90 minute event where you will leave with ACTIONABLE knowledge that you can apply right away in your life, no fluff or wasted time. And, you will also receive a digital quick reference guide to help you prevent injuries and train smarter starting with your very next workout after this workshop!

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