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ALP-TI Member's Referral Contest

To our dedicated #ALPfamily members

We’re firing our advertisers and stopping our google / facebook marketing campaigns!!!!

Sure they’ve worked a little, but we’ve decided that instead of paying the newspaper, radio or facebook to market our services and programs, We would rather reward YOU - our dedicated members! You’ve been helping us grow our open and supportive community based culture at ALP since we opened our doors in 2016, and we know just how important that is to our continued growth and success!

To start, EVERYONE who refers at least 1 person will be entered to win our Draw Prize. Then, we will have an overall Membership referral winner AND an overall Group Training referral winner.

Draw Prize = $50 ALP Apparel gift card - receive 1 entry for EVERY friend, family member or co-worker that you refer to either our group training classes or general gym memberships. The more you refer, the better your chance of winning!!

Membership Grand Prize = 1 FREE MONTH general gym membership added to your existing membership + $25 apparel gift card ($125 value before tax)

Group Training Grand Prize = 1 FREE MONTH UNLIMITED group training membership added to your existing membership + $25 apparel gift card ($225 value before tax)

Here are the contest Rules:

  • Must be a current member of ALP-TI to participate

  • Referrals are for NEW SIGN UPS ONLY - cannot refer someone currently enrolled

  • However, if someone had been previously enrolled but their membership has since been expired for at least 3 months, they will qualify as a “new sign up”

  • Referral must actually sign up during contest period (Today Nov 12 - Friday Nov 16th) to be rewarded points for referral

  • Should someone referred sign up and cancel within the 10 day buyer’s remorse clause, the referring member will lose the points associated with that person’s enrollment

  • Referral MUST use referring member’s name at time of sign up - we will track each referral at the front desk at time of sign up

  • Member with the most points for each category will win the overall prizes and a random name will be selected from a hat to win the draw prize

Points system:

Gym Memberships

  • Free week trial - 1pt

  • 1 month = 2 pts

  • 3 months = 3 pts

  • 6 months = 6 pts

  • 12 months = 12 pts

Group Training

  • Free class = 1pt

  • 12 Prepaid Classes = 2pts

  • 24 Prepaid Classes = 4pts

  • 1 Month Options

  • 2x/wk = 2pts

  • 3x/wk = 3pts

  • Unlimited = 4pts

  • 3 Month Options

  • 2x/wk = 4pts

  • 3x/wk = 5pts

  • Unlimited = 6pts

  • 6 Month Options

  • 2x/wk = 6pts

  • 3x/wk = 8pts

  • Unlimited = 10pts

  • 12 Month Options

  • 2x/wk = 10pts

  • 3x/wk = 12pts

  • Unlimited = 16pts

We’re happy to be giving back to our amazing members rather than spending money on large companies that do not build a community or culture at ALP-TI like YOU do!

This referral contest will allow you to benefit from sharing your experiences at ALP-TI and our programs to those that are important to you. It will also allow us to continue to build a supportive culture and community based environment rather than a divergent, angry culture like most fitness facilities keeping our ALP-TI community one of Hamilton’s best rated gyms!!!

So, if you plan on sticking around ALP-TI for a while, and would like to add a FREE month to your current membership, we would really appreciate it if you share your experiences with those people you care about.

Feel free to share our phone number 289-246-9000 or our email if your friends / family or co-workers have any questions and we can complete the sale for you :)

We look forward to helping them live a more active lifestyle and also look forward to rewarding you soon!

Thank you!


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