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#ALPfamily Members:

Danielle Kwok

ALP Member since July 2016

During this past year I have undergone the most challenging times of my life.  Needless to say this weighed heavy on my spirit. I do not exaggerate when I say I could not get out of bed in the morning.   


When I decided I don’t want to feel this way anymore, I sign up for some Strong Girls classes.  Barry provides great instruction, and just as importantly he has created an environment that allows everyone in the group to feel welcome.  That translates into a fantastic group of women who just enjoy our workouts together! When I struggled to get out of bed in the morning, I reminded myself I’m working out with the other Strong Girls today and off I went to the gym!

It’s truly supportive.  

We cheer each other on!


I love how there is fantastic inspiration all around the gym.  Lead by example starting with the Owner and Leader at ALP - Adam, always supporting everyone in a positive and real way and crushing his own transformation challenge alongside everyone else while still coaching them all too. Veronika training and competing in her Bikini Bodybuilding competitions and modeling career.  Barry and the other trainers killing their own personal workouts. This is such a positive environment to make and achieve fitness goals!!


When I decided to step up my fitness game with a new fitness goal (although I used my own plan), I still received some great guidance and constant encouragement from the staff - most other places I had been I would be left alone if I didn’t pay for  training. This inclusive support makes it much easier to maintain consistency!


I am happy to report I have achieved my fitness goal.  I have dropped over 4 ½ inches off my hips, lost about 25lbs, and went down two sizes in my clothing!  I celebrated my accomplishments with a photo shoot with the talented West Studio that I couldn't have done without the support from my #ALPfamily!!


Thanks for creating ALP TI, I am so happy to be part of this gym and the community here.  Looking forward to accomplishing my next fitness goals here!


Much Gratitude to you all!

Tim Biggs

National Sales Manager at Graybar Energy, Client since 2017

Thank you to the team at ALP-TI and especially to Nick (Dozzi) for all of your guidance and leadership over the past 8 months together. You are an excellent Personal Trainer and you have impressed me with your knowledge, ability to motivate and help drive me to get better and stronger during our time together. You have excellent patience and your influence on my life is very noticeable and appreciated, by me and many others in my life.


Lifestyle is a personal choice and I am glad that I have chosen the ALP Training Institute and that I met with the Owner and Director of Training Adam Lloyd - He took a full 30 minutes to discuss my goals and past and matched me up with a Lifestyle Coach that would be the best fit, and they NAILED it! Nick has not only helped me recover from my ankle and leg injuries that I was referred to ALP for by my physiotherapist, but has also helped me gain my confidence back - this was very unexpected and is very appreciated!!


Please keep up the great work at the ALP Training Institute. I wish to extend my Personal Training for another package and I look forward to continuing my journey with the team at ALP-TI.

Richard Dunda

Client Parent, Executive, Business Owner, Client since 2009

Adam has provided sports specific training for my teenage children and personal training for me since 2009. He (and his Team at ALP) is very knowledgeable on all related subject matter including physical fitness, training, body composition, nutrition, mindset, and sports specific exercises.


We have all seen incredible results through Adam's efforts. He has built individualized programs that challenge you and are attainable at the same time. His approach is personable, back-up by experience and expertise.


I highly recommend Adam and his entire team at ALP-TI as they are the leaders in health and performance in the space - especially in the Hamilton area.

Katie Wilson

ALP Member, PT Client, and Transformation Challenge Winner

Coming soon.

Mercedes Wilson

ALP Member, Personal Training, and Group Training Client since 2016

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David Rogers

ALP Member and Executive + Client since 2016

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